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Giving Thanks To Those Who Inspire

I still think about Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ describing inspiration as a giant squall (wind so to speak), spiraling across a field, and the individual in its path needing to not only see the twister coming, but be in a position to harness this energy. I got such a kick out of picturing this... a person running like all the dickens to get to a computer or typewriter, (or at the very least have a pen and pad in hand), so that when this squall passed through, he or she would be wrists arched, fingers scrambling, typing or writing as if the electricity was about to go out. In other words, this is one way for writers to beat writer's block. Now here's the thing. Even though I was mesmerized by this visual, writer’s block wasn’t/isn’t my issue, despite this picture staying with me. This is stuff necessary to pay attention to because as it came to be, there actually IS another aspect to squally winds cratin' inspiration. Come to find out, the movement par

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