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What is Black?

To answer the question, black is a color, a beautiful color, my favorite color… clipping in here . When invited to an affair, and if at the bottom of the invite it reads ‘black & white affair’, you know this affair is going to be classy. Black is a slimming color too, job interview appropriate, hides a number of flaws and goes with every color on the pinwheel. Silver, Gold, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Pink… shouting out a few ... are especially emboldened and appear that much more vibrant and brighter when paired with black. Black rose, black velvet (fabric and liquor), and let’s face it, no dish cooks better than in a cast iron black skillet. Black leather is sexy, and black vehicles are striking, riveting when shinning, and pure black skin, a rare sight to see, is immobilizing. Have you ever seen a black stallion? Jus’ GO’JUS I tell you! Emphatically, unequivocally ‘try to take your eyes off’ black beauty. I mean like, come on now. Who that loves coffee and tea, doesn’t champion

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