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Wonderfully Made Women... the Queens "My Words"

There's not much like watching a battery drain and a whole day traipse around the sun and moon, like trying to eck out a 'specific' blog post and almost end up throwing in the proverbial towel. I didn't, but only because one person turned my small calamity around. Sitting behind my keyboard, about to type some things I really didn't mean, when 'lo and behold' I looked up to see (and hear) Sunny Anderson on TV! That's right! That's right! She was on Spring Baking Championship doing what she does best on TV... entertaining viewers with her bubbly personality. I got so tickled hearing her ask one contestant (who ultimately showed outđź‘Ź) "Honey, when was you born?"  SO Finally!!! I had some grip to properly honor Women's History Month.  Long before Sunny, or the Spring Baking Championship, or the many TV Chefs (ICAG and Delicious Miss Kardea Brown being forerunners)... and before the Tia & Tamera Marathons (ha!)... and Janet Jackson'

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