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Blame Game Calisthenics

First things first. Hopefully everyone who’s following or watching the Olympics are enjoying the games and festivities. It’s taken a lot of work for many of those athletes to be there, making this one of the rare opportunities they get to be cheered along, from a global perspective. I haven’t been able to follow the Olympics (like in the past) but from what little I have caught it got me to thinking about challenges, in my own lane.  There is a difference between blaming and a FACT.  It is a FACT, I was told (in so many ways and words) writing and publishing books is not 'a worthwhile career', and reading is boring and even less worthwhile 'to busy career people'.  But, do I blame anyone for peeling off this straightforward sentiment about how so many (outside the literary circle) feel?  My best answer. Absolutely Not. Truths are not always so cozy and comfortable. That’s the downside. The upside is this being the whole calisthenics of a challenge. Doing our personal be

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