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Having A Purpose versus other purposes

There is nothing (right) or wrong, better or worse with setting goals such as helping others (be it humans, animals, the ozone and likes), or fighting for your rights (as in demanding a promotion, or striving to be seen or respected and other save-the-world type crusades). One of my purposes is to inspire others to read more. I believe a more literate society will lend to a more knowledgeable society, thus a more compassionate society.  And yet, 'having a purpose' is very specific. Wanting to participate in the Olympics...and win a Gold is specific…like wanting to play for the NBA...and winning a championship, or wanting to run a marathon... and breaking the tape. Wanting to get married... and raising a family is specific too. Or, as in my case, wanting to write ONE book I truly love... and seeing that book (so-to-speak) walking on the moon is specific as well.  It’s not to say that graduating, or finding a job, or paying bills or even making money, and lots of it, is a benign

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