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My Favorite Hobby

Oh my goodness, I have many hobbies, though not as many as there are to choose from. Right now I'm thinking about extreme sports, which I love to read about, but not as curious to explore. With the exception of water sports, I prefer solo, more indoorsy type activities. Cooking, sewing, doll-making, designing and typically creating something out of nothing are some favorites.  I guess I kind of like working with my hands...and mind. For instance, one time it was raining out, which led me to my closet trying to figure what I could wear as a raincoat. That's when the plastic coverings dry cleaners use to protect garments caught my eye. In that glance I saw the cutest raincoat that didn't take much more than bunching a bunch of them together and running them beneath a presser foot to fashion. Now, many times my creations are a miss, and a big giggle when someone tilts their head trying to figure out what I'm wearing. It's like they recognize the top or blouse, because

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