First off, it was my intention to post this content yesterday. So now here goes 'a day late, a dollar short'; repackaging (sort of) old news. 

Maybe a week or so ago I watched a contestant on one of the cooking shows seemingly over-compensating for nerves. Of course I understand. It looks way easier critiquing someone from the couch on the other side of the TV. Another contestant pointed this out; how she was so sure if she were ever on this show she’d never do this or that. A selection process later, on her lucky day, her moment to shine on that very show, she wends up doing just what she said she’d never do. Haha! 

Look, I know a thing or two about that ‘On Air’ light. Kind of reminds me of reading the comedian Bernie Mac’s bio, the part where he was nervous as all get out, knees quaking and whatnot, while up on stage talking about… “I ain’t scaredt of you!” Hahaha.

To make it in this world, or rather there are times when you’ve got to be brave. Believe in yourself. And definitely (at the very least), be confident when its your turn to take the mic while everyone is listening… and watching. I mean, was that Bobby Flay in a Pepsi commercial, dancing!?! Hahahahaha. Laughed, but loved it.

At any rate, I just finished reading two books that truly captured some of this game face stuff. ‘Thank You,’ by Sly Stone (thoughts here), and ‘Memoir of a Nerd’ by Hank Mancini (thoughts here). If you have any version of stage fright, or presenting your true self publicly, reading these two memoirs together just might very well be your cure… or cue to savor the ride too! 

Alrighty. Enough, though not before hoping all the dads (nerdy or otherwise), enjoyed a wonderful FATHER’S DAY! 

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