You Have Too Much To-Do When…

Your to-do list is taking up more file space on your desktop than a folder holding ten full-length novels.

You’ve been listening to your ipod all week, going to and from work, and you only have one song downloaded.

You look down and realize your shirt is turned inside out, which casually embarrassed you comment about it to a co-worker who politely informs you, “…ugh, yeah, I tried to tell you that three times this morning!”

You haven't slept eight hours, in eight years.

Every deadline you meet is made within a hair follicle of a fraction inside a second.

Every time you open your to-do list you laugh, Out Loud, REAL LOUD!

Your life is scheduled and tasked down to the minuet of details, to include even restroom breaks.

You keep having to ask, “Is it Tuesday,” and it’s Friday.

You haven’t seen your mother in a year, and she lives next door.

…and my all time favorite,

The face you see when someone calls and asks, “hey, so whatcha’ doing?”


  1. funny! Our summer to-do list is actually several summer's worth of stuff-- projects we've put off the last 3-5 summers--- going to leap into action any day now!!

  2. Hey Lesa, I peeked in on some of your summer... meeting up with the blogger. Thought that was really cool!

    And I know you must be really excited pulling off those projects. Every hurdle feels so good getting over, even if your foot tips one here & there! Congrats!

  3. Yes, it feels good-- that is what I keep telling myself---- hahaha

    My parents are here for a few days so I am knocking out a few jobs--- getting up at 6 for outdoor work the inside the rest of the day then off forty miles for my little boys swim class then to bed--- busy busy!

    Yes, it was lots of fun meeting another blogger-- maybe you and I can meet up someday!

  4. oh, what a treat it would be to meet! Though I must confess, while I'm not 'exactly' haha the steady foot camper, I love to travel and must request to do the blog. smiles... just let me see if I can clear some of these hurdles like you!


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