My Class of Comedy

I’m going back… way back to the LATE NIGHT classics of comedy I’ve watched more than, a ludicrously mumbling, extreme number of times… so extreme that they played by the repeat indicator all night long. These classics, by all terms, truly set the humor pace.

JuMpiNg JACK FlasH      Spies Like Us      DRagNET    
USED Cars  I’m Gonna Git You Sucka
Ruthless People      Office Space      Sour Grapes    
Low Down Dirty Shame

Come on now...the telephone booth...the entrance exam...and don't even get me started on Pep Streebeck and Sgt. Joe Friday. Let me show you a car... "oh, just get in the mmmm--- car!" And the fish... the FISH in the pimp's shoes...or was it Jim Brown trying to run in his shoes? Hysterical!!! Just loved David Letterman. Can I show you my battle scars fighting to stay up to watch him? This just goes on and on... like what's not to like about Barbara and the little short business typhoon? Or the little preppy guy jamming to the his head...but trying to be incognito? To the same tune...laughing to my knees about the little old couple trying to describe a black man to a black man. "You know...well you know...he was... can I say it?" And she apologizes. "I'm sorry," she says. "Maybe the next time he'll be..." and she goes on to list a few other races. But wait...wait! Hold the phone! "I'm on the beach!"

You get the point. I love my classics!