Mood Music

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(Of course) it's no secret what I'm up to. But a promise, is a promise. I promised to keep up with the blogging, which is kind of slipping as I diligently check the big boxes on my hefty to-do list.

So this post will be a little quirky, more so a note to myself than anything else, listing my MOOD MUSIC. These are the songs I credit as the main inspirational driver behind my upcoming titles.

Now, as if I need to make this post any quirkier, I'm not the typical 3 gigabyte filled to capacity music lover. I can listen to one song for a few weeks straight. So when I credit these artist for inspiring along my upcoming titles, let me just say...I am really crediting them.

Take Sheryl Crow...All I Wanna Do...listened to her for about a week. (Minus when I'm writing or sleeping... ha...say a few hours a day then?)

Michael Jackson...Man in the Mirror...he used up another week.

Anthony Hamilton...Can't Let Go...another week...or maybe a week and a half. This one really takes me back.

Now these I'm about to list, I really can't gauge how long I've listened to them. From March 2010 until today they've been playing by repeat on my playlist. 

It's Great to Be Here...The Jackson 5

Loves Changes...Mother's Finest

And one more I'm just too ashamed to share...of course bearing in mind I was pulling together both a romance and erotic novel!

My Absolute 2010 Mood Music this year.