Novel Writing – The Best Parts

Writing a book is an experience to experience. After writing one book, and then two, three, four…and so on and so forth, I can hardly come down on anyone who has sat down to put one together. Try it. Not only will you learn a lot about yourself, but you’ll also come to understand what other writers are up against (in intricate details).

But enough of that. This is the fun part - the best parts of novel writing.

The Idea ~ has to be the best part. Everyone who has written a book, and even those who plan to or always wanted to write a book know all too well about this part. This is the part where thousands of ideas invade the psyche making one think, “this idea would make a great book!”

Flushing Out the Idea ~ is fun too. Well, that’s if you can get through this part. This is where you find out just how good, or durable, that idea really is. But if it passes the trial there can be nothing sweeter than seeing a full story about to full-bloom be born.

Creating Character Names ~ even better! I select mines carefully. I select a name for my characters like I would select my child’s name. They’ve got to be strong, memorable names, especially the main characters. Unusual is okay, but powerful is the key.

Tying Up Loose Ends ~ gosh I love this part too. Of the entire writing process, this is where the magic happens. It’s what makes writing so sweet. I don’t know how many times I’ve included a something or the other towards the beginning of a novel, something I’ll even highlight to remind myself to remove since I have no idea why I included it, to all be darn get into the scrub part of dressing the novel and find that something or the other fitting like a glove.

The Layout ~ Trust me, after finishing a book and being satisfied with what you have, and of course if you are like me, enjoying the process of pulling a book together from start to finish…you’ll find selecting the font and spacing and interior layout as crucial as writing the book. I’ve come to really love this part.

Now, as for the actual writing, and especially the final checks, this is where the deal-breaker resides. The final checks…fine…turn over to an editor, but the actual writing…well…this truly is the hurdle of all hurdles to hurdle. In another post on one of my other blogs I provided a nice tip on how to handle. At the very least this tip should get you into a rhythm that builds momentum, motivating you to move that idea into a Novel Idea.