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Building Prospects We Can Depend On

This New Year I’ve been tasked with the resolution: Get Serious!

You play around too much R--. No one is taking you serious. You put people off.

And I go on…keeping right on being me, because I know, and as time will show…perhaps right here in this rez…that I’m hardly laughing inside.

But that’s that, and for now I will keep away from all that, to pull out of the starting gate imparting a few pearls of toil put into achieving my 2011 resolution goals. YAE.

In 2011 I’m coming out with my three…actually FIVE... new titles. (My mystery piece & poetry book I have scheduled to publish November 2011) That’s how serious I am, and was, after laughing my way through 2010…blogging, and reading, and reviewing, and interviewing, and posting my hundreds of ‘taking it easy’ comments and tweets on twitter and numerous Ning rings, blogs, and websites. And yes, I had the nine-to-five to boot, and children and a family pulling on me every-so often, along with a husband who’s doing everything he can, just short of picking me up and literally carrying me in his arms from place to place.

A Piece of Peace, ISBN-9780982715253, is my spiritual romantic piece scheduled to release May 2011. The work is 250 pages and delves into forgiveness, in (of course) one of my uncanny styles. In this piece, Cliff is very angry about the way his sister has treated him growing up. Reminded of her ways, when she returns home with a husband in tow, he seeks retribution by hurting and humiliating her in return. Hang on to the book however, because this tale throws in nuances spiraling from Cliff’s actions to render an age-old axiom, ‘when you seek to keep your foot on a man’s back, you ain’t going nowhere’ …either personally, monetarily, harmoniously or spiritually. Cliff must learn it's not about her, or being a good person. It's about forgiveness so that he can move on with his life to restore joy.

Pleasure, ISBN-978098271522, is my erotic romance piece scheduled, as well, to release May 2011. The work is 300 pages and dispenses the differences between making love, having sex, and shall I say for the purposes of this blog, gratuitous gratification with neither of the other two in mind. Lissa, explicitly, narrates this very saucy journey she jaunts to unexpectedly reach a stretch in the road where she is presented with an ultimate ultimatum.

Rye & the Rump, ISBN-9780982715215, continues the Rhapsody Series, scheduled too, to release May 2011. The work is 275 pages and follows This One I Got Right in the sequel. Blaine and Leiatra’s marriage has crossed the 25-year threshold, and still they are trying to figure each other out…Blaine struggling to come to terms with why his wife does some of the things she does, and perhaps ‘to teach her a lesson along the way’, and Leiatra second-guessing his motives, not purposely, but in a humorous way…the pulp and ingredients that keeps this marriage interesting and alive. These two couldn’t be venerated by a better depiction that describes their thorny relationship—The Rye & the Rump.

All three novels focus on my central theme. WE DO NEED EACH OTHER.

In as much, I am not beneath the rubble of holding onto that attitudey sentiment ‘I don’t need this, and I don’t need that, and I can do bad on my own…’ along with a nail to the corkboard of ‘excuses’ that might make us “temporarily feel” better, when the fact remains, at the end of a day, the end of a night, we must get up the next day and face a world, not with me, you, or I, but with ‘us’ in it.

I love the part in This One I Got Right where the son comes home (late), ‘dragging in tow on a short leash his girlfriend and her child.’ The first thing Leiatra says, as a concerned mother who has stayed up hoping he is alright (he’s traveling a good distance to come home for the holiday), “hun, is everything alright?”

Her son replies back, “why do you always have to think something is wrong!”
To which Blaine, dominating the alpha male force in the relationship, steps in to unleash a few choice words that immediately changes the son’s attitude.

This sentiment burrows at the heart of the Rhapsody Series, and each of my novels. And trust me when I say ‘my thing’ has nothing to do with saving the world. It has been presented to me all ways, why ‘my thing’ understands how to rock with it, staying on it, replaying it, and forever upholding the message: If we truly care about the world the we live in (otherwise why live in it…or why not just mess up and play in it?), then we will understand and appreciate the notion of doing what we can to maintain healthy, balanced relationships…not for me, you, or I, but for ‘us’…that serves to bridge workplace relationships, effectively manage and lead teams, to build stronger communities…and churches, and to give our children and the future a chance.

Going back to the basics walking the talk.

2011: Happy New Year!


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