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Inductive/Deductive Reasoning Writing Peeves

Trials and Tribulations

One of my grandmothers told me a long while ago, usually things that annoy you, annoy you because you are the biggest offender. You know the saying, “takes one to know one.” And so here I’ll stand aside my peers. Yep, I’ve committed this infraction, and by everything that is perpendicular and punctilious I will toil never to do it again… not given the way I feel about these two aimless expressions in book blurbs… trials and tribulations.
Those two words or any words stroking near it, should never be used in blurbs. Every book ever written contains trials and tribulations, also expressed as conflict. Now how about this? ‘My book is about (a lot of) conflict.’ Sound convincing? Anyone convinced?

A Daddy's Day Treat

My father truly was a treat for me. In our home, he was king, King, KING! 
This mem here is a short clip to serenade him. The longer gratis clips are inside Black Table. So, short clip shorter, let anyone else tell it, I came out of the womb talking and asking questions. This day however, (and maybe I was three or four, we still didn’t have a car), my father was taking me somewhere where we had to go by trolley car. It was one of those green cable trolleys I still see trolleying around West Philadelphia today.

You Have Too Much To-Do When…

Your to-do list is taking up more file space on your desktop than a folder holding ten full-length novels.

You’ve been listening to your ipod all week, going to and from work, and you only have one song downloaded.

You look down and realize your shirt is turned inside out, which casually embarrassed you comment about it to a co-worker who politely informs you, “…ugh, yeah, I tried to tell you that three times this morning!”

Miss Lillian, Jonah's Kids Interview

For nearly 10 years, Miss Lillian, former member of the Red Hat Society and active member of Cedar Park Presbyterian Church, wrote theatre and film reviews for "Scoop U.S.A." She was the first African-American to serve as Publicist for Old Academy Players, a community theatre group in East Falls, the oldest community theatre in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She as well created "Serene Scene Showcase," also a Philly spot where she engaged local poets to share their unique artistry.
Interviewed (May 2010) by RYCJ/OEBooks

What inspired you to write Jonah's Kids?

Jonah's Kids was originally a play. I wrote it approximately 10 years ago and the book is an adaptation. What prompted me to write the book is the meaningful message of God's love for all people, regardless of their station or stature in l…