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What’s Cookin’?

So it’s about that time. I’m in the kitchen doing what I’ve done just about every year around this time. With my sleeves rolled up I’m washing and prepping ‘the greens’...when I start musing.
Peeling a clove of garlic I start musing on a day in the grocery store…standing in a checkout lane…having my groceries checked out…when the clerk picks up a bag of garlic on the conveyor belt…holds the bag up…a small bag…weighing in the ounces, if that…she looks at me…then laughs, “what’s this for?” She's a Korean woman, which musing on the exchange tickled me when I thought back on a friend showing me how she made kimchi. So, now, stuck in this remembrance, instead of using half of a garlic clove, I go on and use the entire the greens.
I'd like to have as much confidence in my cooking as my family, but then how can I forget that one day when my sister called me to help her make candied yams. Today she’s more of a gourmet cook. Back then she was learning, and as it turned out,…

Made My List, Not Checkin’ It Twice

I’m stepping out on my comfort zone, the ‘niche’ reading, to read me some fiction in 2011. This will be my challenge, and I’ve made my list early. I’m thinking about easing into the Eroticas and/or Humor (Chick-lits) first, and working my way over…perhaps to something like paranormal YA.
Here’s what I have so far...

The 2010 Green Books Campaign

Well, well, well, just look at who supports ‘going green.’ Still confident that our mother earth is more powerful than all of our minds working at once, I do support the efficient use of our limited resources. There are so many ways to go about doing this, and supporting the Green Books Campaign is one way.
Last month, after reading some of the background on the campaign, I decided to participate by selecting a book to review from a list of books printed using eco-friendly resources. I must say, not only was I pleasantly surprised by the recycled paper quality; I also was treated to what amounted to a wonderful read.
The Sitting Swingby Irene Watson

This is a deeply personal & powerful memoir of a woman seeking to answer a question buried deep inside the most sacred question ever asked. I must admit however, initially it took a good minute to get into The Sitting Swing. I found myself asking the very question Irene herself was asking. What did she want? – Followed by wanting to know …

Meet Author Sheila Peele-Miller, ADIRA Book Publisher

From teaching creative writing and publishing workshops, to writing short stories, poetry, and novels, Sheila Peele-Miller is not afraid to follow her passion. Co-founder of the annual New Bern (North Carolina) Literary Festival and Book Fair, she also has written articles for Style-ology magazine, contributed a short story titled The Devil’s Poison, for the The Shattered Glass Effect, co-hosted an African American Read-In in Chicago and Detroit, and under ADIRA Books, a company she founded, published three novels; Painted Picture released 2004, Daylight Coming released 2006, and now out, Prey for the Wicked released September 2010.

Interviewed by RYCJ/OEBooks November 2010
*Congratulations on your work and starting your publishing company. What inspired you to start your publishing company?

Thank you, Rhonda. In the beginning of my journey, I sent out query letters to basically every agent I could find representing my genre. After receiving loads of rejection letters, I decided I wasn’t…

Walkin' the Talk

Aside from the synopsis, and the title, and perhaps a snazzy book cover and a few name dropping reviews, all extras known to draw readers to a book, there are several condiments inside a book that appeal to me most. I mean, what’s the use of an eye-catching book without the rest of the stuff?
Humor is the forerunner. Please tell me you’re playing on solid ground…that being you can laugh at yourself as well as you can note the ironies in life.
Word Play. I absolutely love it when authors repeatedly and repetitively mishandle whole phrases. Ex: “I ran up that hill like a Copperhead puts on a mink coat.” Silly stuff. Stuff that doesn’t make sense, but makes sense.
Winners.These books I eat up. It’s understandable that life doesn’t hand any of us a silver screen to look through, sometimes shielding some of us from seeing the offsets in life from both ends, but please toss me a few pearls to let me know you at least have one good arm to throw with. Strong characters/narrators are my weaknes…