Opening the Comment Box

I really appreciate everyone who has contacted me by email to provide comments, and on occasions ask about my comment box. I disabled the box trying to prioritize my workload, which at the time, managing eight blogs and trying to keep up with commenting on the ning rings and twitter and the hosts of other doings that come along with writing and publishing, things got a little unmanageable.

I only ask that you try not to inundate me with replies. Just one comment really excites me, which puts my husband’s nerves on edge. He doesn’t care for missing the final score of a game because I’m standing in front of the TV trying to explain a blogging experience. He hates this kind of talk, which bothers me because I want to know he’s supporting me. Too many replies could really mess us up. I mean, I can’t imagine what might come to be if he has to miss an entire game because I insist on us talking all this out in therapy sessions.

Okay, so I’m back to being silly. Which speaking of silly, I think I’ll share a few of the TOP goofy things I typically do. This is something I don’t see a lot. Bloggers, or people in general, taking time to list their shortcomings. Here are my top 5:

1. Right off the Top. Count on me to mix up names. Can’t count the times I’ve been trying to explain or describe a certain movie or occurrence or character in a book and have the wrong name. People are so patient with me however. They just shake their heads. Once though, after a fairly lengthy exchange with one person, and I’m talking like months, the person finally decides to tell me his real name. O-H   H-O-W   M-O-R-T-I-F-Y-I-N-G!!!

2. The Scream! Yes, be in a room with me, or my mother or sister and say something we find funny, we’ll likely scare the ‘you-know-what’ out of you with the scream we do. It’s a family inheritance.

3. Following directions. I don’t. I want to, and really try to. But I just don’t. This doesn’t mean I don’t obey laws. That I dooooo. Just don’t ask me to do something like go to a store and come right back…ugh…with something like what I was supposed to have gone to the store for.

4. I’ll go ahead and re-admit it. I am laaaazzzy. But this works well with writing (or reading) because I will think the hell out of, or into a story or problem. Just don’t ask me to go mountain climbing unless hiking boots can be turned into propellers that fly me there…and yes please…fly me back home!

5. And this one here is the absolute worst, and all-time embarrassing. I like to think I can dance, and do believe I have rhythm, but good heavens if you see me going for one of them line dances, STOP ME! If you ever want to see a tide moving in both directions, let me slip in one of them line dances. (See, I like to jiggle with mines…whew...howling!)

Sorry about this list. I couldn’t help myself. So please spare me of the comments on the revelation of how certifiably goofy I am. I might have to re-close my comment box.

All teasing aside however, I genuinely DO value those who read my blog and take the time to comment. As much as possible I will try to return the favor. Much love to you all.


  1. You not only make me think, you make me smile. That's a good combination!!!

  2. Reading this made me feel like we were out at happy hour with (yep, you got it) White Russians in hand, and you're telling me all this stuff about you, and I am just about ROFLMAO! It's just that real, and that funny... And that means d--- good writing! :~)

    Fellow writer and friend,

  3. And thanks to you too, Kathy. Yes, that's just the way I like it... light, good-heart fun and...will somebody please close down the bar and take those ladies home! LOL.

  4. Hi! So happy the com-box is open again-- I missed the chats.

    Funny post-- and I resemble more than one myself-- hahahahahah.

  5. Leeessaaaa! Glad to hear from you!!! When I closed the com-box the first person I thought about was my first biggest fan. I'm just glad you kept me in sight and didn't scribble me off any lists. LoL.

    Thanks, and thanks soooo very much for providing the 'tagging' tips. As you can see I still have a ways to go. Darn!


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