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Aaah… this has to be it! 
The Art of True Livin’! All this bear is missing are shades and a cigarette.

Now, I did scoot around some of what I bumped into lounging beneath my friend. A well-rounded view, but somewhat to a Westerly perspective I found on leisure mobility too. Take this bear for example, who doesn’t look so insecure to me. He, or she, could actually be working! See, the picture shows one bear laid out, but what the picture doesn’t show is what the bear is thinking.

And before moaning begrudgingly too loudly, I did read ‘the’ study. Serious deliberation, and that’s productive deliberation… can’t be just any old thinking, for intense stretches of time is a weight loss callisthenic as well as productive. No, I no longer can find the study, but everyone has heard the axiom; work smarter, not harder. I’m only wondering here if this is some of what my friend up there in the picture is thinking.


  1. I wonder what they're all looking at. And yes, I did end a sentence with "at" horror-of-horrors!!! I wonder at what they are all looking sounds too snooty for these laid back polar bears!

  2. Oh my, I love this photo. It gave me quite the giggle.


  3. LOL, Kathy... I don't think nothing is too snooty for these bears. They could care less.

    And hey there Courtney! Glad for the giggle... every time I look at these bears I laugh too. Especially seeing the really laid back one in my image!


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