*NEW* 2011 Reading Dilemma!

At the end of last year I invented a challenge of my own. I (carefully) selected a few fiction books, since I don’t ordinarily read fiction, and decided to read and review those books regardless of whether or not they were my cup of tea.

Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker, Messalina: Devourer of Men, Painted Picture, True Confessions, and My Desperate Love Diary were the books selected. I admitted to sweating a little, but all praises to many singing angels things turned out fine. Yet, I don’t think I’ll try that challenge again. I prefer having the option of closing books in the event my mood starts sliding down the melancholy scale.

And here still, I signed myself on to this Goodreads 2011 Reading Challenge. I clicked I would read 100 books by the end of the year. For some reason it sounded like a doable number. I have about that many on my desk right now. But then one day I happened to look at my Goodreads account and found a warning message that I was falling behind! Honestly, I started to sneak and change it. The challenge, that is. Like who would know, or care, but me, which was why I didn’t make that warning message disappear. But darn-it, it’s already April, almost May!!! …and I’ve only read eleven oops... thirteen books this year!

So that’s what I’m up to here in the nowadays. Three books of my own I need to have ready for publication by November, and ninety other books I need to read by December. And the worst part is after reading Life on the Color Line, assuredly a hard act to follow, selecting the next book is going to be a difficult struggle. And nothing beats a difficult struggle. My mood tells me I now need a chic-lit. Except I have not one chic-lit on hand. I do have the Sext Crime, what I was prepared to read next, and am sure from past experience reading his book will mollify my tearful heart, yet with my psyche in disarray I’ve decided to read it between anything heavy…romance adult-heavy that being, but adult-silly on the drama. → See why I write the books I write. So far there’s only one writer who I know of that writes these types of books. And that one writer is Me!

None-the-less, I simply cannot move forward until I find these reads. So far my to-read list reads like this:

1. (Find a chic-lit)
2. the Sext Crime by Jason Ancona
3. (Find a chic-lit)
4. (And another!!!)
5. The Man Who Heard Voices by Michael Bamberger
6. A Rumor of War by Philip Caputo
7. (And I'm going to take a wild hunch here... I'll need a chic-lit)
8. (Just in case I better open another chic-lit slot)
9. (And another?)
10. Black Days, Black Dust by Robert Armstead

+ roughly seventy-something others!?!?!

Wish Me Luck!

Note: If a book appears on my list, and then goes missing for months, it doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve elected not to read it. Usually it’s because a book I read ahead of it has affected my reading mood. All books on my reading list ultimately are accounted for on Goodreads, sooner or later☺. Those I treasure are posted on Amazon.


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