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OEBooks Receives the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

I was just laughing with someone today about how you’d think with the way technology was first touted it would be able to do all that, and then some. Turns out that some technologies still can’t supercede human technology, like that voice command some companies use to help save on hiring a real person to answer calls. Once I coughed into the phone while going through the teleprompts, and sneezed another time, (what we happened to be laughing about), and the system disconnected because the cough, sneeze, and ‘excuse me’ weren’t acceptable responses. Not all automation is efficiently replacing what used to work just fine. But then there are other things about technology that, quite frankly, just can’t be beat.

What are the chances I’d have ever been able to connect with book bloggers, often thousands of miles away, and be honored with the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. Thanks Kathy, @Books Kids Like.

Here are the rules for being tagged with the Irresistible reward. 1) Thank and link to the person who nominated you. 2) Share seven random facts about yourself. 3) Pass the award along to 15 deserving blog buddies. 4) Contact those buddies to congratulate them. (Will do this weekend).

Seven ‘more’ Random Things About me.

1. Believe it or not, I am a very private person.
2. I love to dance, though I rarely dance anymore.
3. My first awareness of a U.S. President was Richard M. Nixon.
4. Sports I enjoyed most; swimming, track, table tennis, and tennis.
5. Favorite theme park rides; the merry-go-round and all the water rides!
6. I lost seven pounds! Yae! I am now at my satisfied weight!! Double Yae!
7. ...and Okay, so here’s a real nugget. In the 80’s, after reading (or hearing) somewhere about making a list of ‘big picture’ high priority things I’d most want to achieve, I made a list. I wrote down 10 things, impossible stuff, things that had anyone in that day read the list they would have laughed, “yeah, right!” I even knew I was dreaming. As instructed I sealed the list, put it in a safe-box, and about ten years ago today I finally reread the list. Amazing. Seven of the ten items have been accomplished!

Fifteen Fiercely Amazing, Irresistibly Sweet Bloggers!

Kathy@Books Kids Like
Kimberly@Kimberly Ranee Hicks 
DuEwa @Rhymes, Views & News 
KW@E&K Family Book Review
Sidne X@Reading Rendezvous Reviewz 
Jennifer O@The Complete Booker 
Charolette@Life with Charolette!
Jen@the Literary Exhibitionism 
LadyB@RNB Philly
Lesa@Baja Greenwalt’s Cozy Book Nook
Lynda@Between the Lines and More
Rhonda@Urban Christian Fiction Today
Liz Strauss@Successful Blog
Eliza@Silver and Grace 


  1. Rhonda! Wouldn't it be funny if I did the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award again and put you back on my list! We could just keep passing it between us like a hot potato!!! Thanks for the tag-back! I really feel honored to have you as a blog friend!

  2. Thanks a bunch, girl!

    I'm behind already on passing along an award and you nominate me for another. That's so cool and here I was going to nominate you :-)

    Now, what I was looking to hear in the list of 7 things was some juicy tidbits on you, girl :-) So, we'll dig deeper next time :-)

  3. I thought about that too, Kathy... but then I couldn't leave you off this list either! Not when the the task was to list 15 Fiercely Amazing, Irresistibly Sweet Bloggers!

    And Tosh, you are most welcome. I really appreciate my fierce AMAZING me always bloggers!!!

    Now let me go thank & congratulate the rest of them;-)

  4. Thank you so much for awarding me this award RYCJ.
    Its a honor to be chosen among your choices.
    Thanks again!!


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