unLiterized Lady-Like

I started to post this one a while back, and now here she is.

This post was inspired after reading an article on CNN about presidents who used the F-expletive. Some more than others. One, which surprised me none too little, Clinton (Bill) was said to rarely or never use big-time expletives.

This humored me. After hearing the use of this word in settings where it surprised me hearing it, I had to laugh thinking back on an unwise literate who surmised that those who used expletives had a limited vocabulary. Untrue. There are those with vocabularies to spare who find comfort in tossing around expletives when the mood sees fit. And yes, I am one of the thoses'.

However, there are times and certainly places where I choose to speak like I have built an extensive vocabulary. There are as well individuals who will never hear me speak unlady-like. My husband berates me unmercifully when he hears me use a vile word. Sometimes when I'm really flying high with the loud vernaculars, and I'm too declared to bring down safely, I see him shudder. That always settles me down. And I smile.

To say, I generally see cursing as a half-time sport when verbalized, and a form of art when literized. And yes, I know... but you see right here, I'm expanding my vocabulary as well as playing with words I like. Also, and just to note, to give you some idea of how I play, I only play with those who I choose to play it with, most times preferring to leave the profane me out of my speech, and writing altogether. In my estimation, the letters of expression are far too many to be habitually fooling around with just the few. I mean, to think... not too long ago the words lie, or liar was considered profane!

However, and that said, here's a little graph I toyed around with after word-counting the expletives in each of my books. Of course, my definition of what's considered expletives must be appreciated. Hopefully the above helps somewhat.

Disclaimer: My apologies for having to resort to writing this post. I've been working on novels all day.


  1. You're over here talking about me. LoL!

    Well, I tell ya, when I was younger, my sister and I used to practice. Just cussed for the heck of it in conversation and I have to say, it was fun simply because it was forbidden. It was something we continued to do with each other as adults to each other but not otherwise.

    I had a friend from India and to them expletives were just a form of expression. I use it frequently when writing because it is my alter self in which I write. And you know, it's still fun. LoL!

    Interesting that you posted this because I was going to post something today with all of my big vocabulary but decided against it. Although there was still the underlying humor, I'm so much more freer in the voice you've been reading there. Just a plain ole country girl with a foul a%& mouth. :-)

  2. Extremely analytical of you to make a graph of expletives in your books! That's something I would do if I wrote books...and if I included expletives in them! I didn't realize you were so left-brained!

  3. Tosh that's funny... (though not as funny as you what you had going on over there at your blog on your upcoming wedding... haha!) but funny that you & your sister found cursing intriguing. I guess I'm such a private person that I kind of find it embarrassing to use foul language, especially in public, though like you, if it's warranted in my work, I will let it rip. Of course too, I enjoy writing so much that...

    ... like Kathy has pointed out, I do analyze quite a bit, taking note that I'm exploring all territories evenly;-)

    So funny that you mention this too Kathy because you must know exactly what I did soon as I read your comment. Yep, looked it up. Even took a test, and of course being the teacher and left-brain thinker you are, you guessed me correctly, though I did try to make that test see me as a balanced thinker. I was so irritated that I answered ZERO right brain questions right. Oooh! Just to think that I failed that right-brain test miserably really got next to me! I am flexible... aren't I? LoL!!!

  4. To me, there's nothing so funny as people who prissily avoid expletives altogether. When you drop something heavy on your toes, "Oh, sugar!" simply does not bring the same satisfaction or relief (this has been scientifically demonstrated, you know.)

    All language has its place, and you have my vote to literize what you like. And if some people don't like it, frick 'em!

  5. I saw your post on SheWrites and had to read it. I wrote something along these same lines today. Go figure! Great post.

  6. You know Beverly, I think I'm going to try that one the next time I drop something on my toes. LOL. Perhaps someone might want to make a recording of the first word that comes out of my mouth, you know, in case I try to prove science wrong and tell a 'fib'.

    Thanks Karen! I left a comment on your blog, and now have you linked. I actually liked your post better! ;-)


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