Ruminating on Power

Before I get on with this post, just as an FYI, in case it might be helpful for someone else to know, I can't over emphasize how simplicity is the best! My Goodness!!! I won't even explain what I was just doing, but just know I was putting far too much thought into it. Every time, and I mean ever single last blasted time, whether working on a novel or working on one of these posts, if I find myself spending too much time, either thinking too hard, or trying harder, my effort always, never fails, to end up turning into one hefty catastrophic blue calamity. But if I just go off the cuff, straight from what's in my heart at the time... and whaala... there she is, an angel.

Now wait... and haha... while I spent less than 30-minutes writing this post, *My Top Five things to do when there is no power* this is not one of the posts I'm all so enamored with. Yes, she was written off the cuff, but it's hardly one of my 'there she is's... and then an angel...'

Here we go...

Number five. I like to meditate. This is one thing not always easy to do when there is no power in the house. Some don't always understand meditating. They think you're losing it for staring, or crazy for talking to yourself. Arrgggh!!! Which when power takes the lights I don't have to worry about answering these misgivings. They can't see me. I can't see them. And we all get to sit still for however long the lights will be out, meditating.

Which brings me to number four. I mean really, when else is there a better time to get away with doing all things you'd never get away with when the lights are on full blast? You know, like taking a jellybean from the dish on the coffee table and hurling it across the room. 
Them: "Hey, who threw that!?!"
My answer: "I don't know. Wasn't me." And I snicker. But it's okay. The lights are out. They can't see me. And besides, I was the one who wanted to meditate in the first place. They wanted to play the games. So let the games begin.

Kidding (of course). But it is, and this would be number three, a darn good time to get organized. I don't know about the rest of you who omit this chore a great portion out of a year, but for she who knows how to collect and amass *things* this is a fine time to get organized. You see, when the lights are on I'm busy going, "ooh, I can't throw this out." But without lights, everything gets trashed. I'm always more efficient at getting organized when the lights are out.

Number two. A given. Like most I like to read by candlelight too. It's a time when I head right for my mystery-thriller stash, grab my rubber teeth-grinding mouthpiece apparatus and get busy reading. I love it.

But the BEST THING I enjoy doing, My Number *1* ...and that's soon as I hear a storm and a power blip is on the radar, I crack a few windows, grab my comfiest comforter, a nice big fat fluffy pillow, and hop in the bed, on the sofa, the floor, I don't care, and sleep and sleep. Oh, how I love sleeping through storms and power outages. I don't have to bother with the questions, like... "what's with you and the bed," because this is the time when that answer is palpably clear, if I even get to hear the noise anyway.


  1. I am the same. I love sleeping when there is no power. Did you also know that apparently there is a peak in natality 9 months after a power outage?..

  2. LoL. Yes...I heard about that. Just was trying to keep this from being a top ten...or how about the list where someone might have to tap me on the shoulder and say...'okay, that's enough!'

    Too funny. Thanks for that laugh though.

  3. Ahahah! I slept through my power outage so I don't even know how long it lasted. I woke up at 5:58 and saw my clock blinking.

    It flickered during the morning around 11ish, that was after I'd woken from my second nap. LOL. I had all these game plans in case they did go off and stay off, but I never got to put them in play.

  4. I know...I had my little list all ready too. Well, at least you got some rest. Can't say power outages are all that bad;-)

  5. Looks like you guys had fun, throwing stuff in the dark. And yes, going to sleep is always good. One tends to get the best sleep during that time.

  6. Yes...well sometimes...after considering MuMu's point too;-)


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