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SHEWRITES Blogger's Ball #7 – YipYip HOORaY!!!

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I think Meg Waite Clayton, who takes time out of her very literate busy schedule to host this ball, must really see me over here toggling this and that. Seems like it never fails, just when I'm about to drop a ball, up pops Meg hosting a ball. Of course, and please know, I don't really believe this. I already know the blogger balls come highly requested by SHEWRITERS, but can't deny that I, too, love the timing of each one thrown.

With over $#!$# projects going, not inclusive of other dependabilities begging my attention, I tried to avoid putting up the old 'Away on Vacation' notice. And rather than explain any more of that here, let me jump right into blasting this small pep of encouragement for those steeped in the writing process, and to writers everywhere.

If you're starting to hear a little whining about the time you spend writing, and blogging, to this is what I have to say. "Write on Writers." To my family, and perhaps to those who've been following my blog, it may seem like I stay connected to this computer, and to all things writing, but it's not true. I began seriously writing around 2004. Launched OSAAT Entertainment and published my first novel 2008, and yes, have been writing daily ever since. In the blend of things, that's not very long, or long ago. Before writing I was out there raising my family, living, and experiencing.

From my perspective, and experience, for young writers, I would (and I wink here) enjoy this time living and experiencing, and not worry about finding time to 'balance' it all. When you reach that spot where you feel as if you've seen it, and done it all, your mind... and fingers, won't find a place to stop writing. And for the seasoned writers, this is your time. You’ve juggled your time getting an education, partying and hanging out, wooing in a spouse, raising the kids, taking care of the house, working, and don’t forget balancing in hosting and attending all the family gatherings. I wouldn't in the least be concerned that they say "I" stay connected. To them we must say, "Yes, I do. I am in my prime. You had your time, now I'm having mine!"

And to everyone stopping by... YipYip HOORaY to SHEWRITERS Ball #7!!!
I hope it is a ball, and a joy to all!


  1. Love it and can so relate. I started writing seriously (not counting 15 years of technical writing at work and journal writing at home) about three years ago when youngest child was 12 and kids' demands on my time were just beginning to reduce. As I spent more and more time writing my husband was initially confused and feeling neglected, but eventually he came around is not my biggest supporter and encourager. Kids too like to tell people their Mom is a writer. Let's keep writing, knowing we are doing exactly what we were meant to do. Great post!

  2. I started being a professional freelancer 10 years ago, and my family and friends still don't understand my obsession with writing. Now that I've started my first novel in earnest, and keeping regular hours at my craft, they are even more confused. Suddenly I'm refusing "lunch and coffee dates" at a whim, and when they call I simply say "I'm working." But you are so right! My kids are grown, my husband allows me this luxury of writing full time, and this is now MY TIME! And darned if I'll apologize for it. I can also no longer use those excuses...I either put up or shut up, and I thrive on this pressure. Thanks for this article, for purely selfish reasons.

  3. There we go, S.L.!!! That's the spirit. I really appreciate your comment, and your following my blog. You do have my support.

    And Carol, thanks for stopping by as well. I'm glad you enjoyed the cheer, as well as giving me a cheer. Occasionally I started slipping, thinking maybe I was on this network too much, but darn it, after thinking back, I don't think I'm on it enough! I think I will go on and polish off these... ugh... 7 books I have waiting.

    ps... now please do check in on me. I'm in an augmented mood right now and might really need a little help settling down.

  4. I couldn't have said it better (even though I've been trying. My daughter is living her dreams now, where I waited, well in truth, didn't know what they truly were... but while I was looking for whatever the might be I lived, loved, danced, drank, saw, tasted, and did it all over again. You're right.. It is our time (our meaning anyone who took a little while to figure things out.

  5. Now, this is interesting! I think you've exactly captured my anxieties as a young writer just starting out! I often feel that my mind comes up against a block because I haven't experienced enough! I'm still trying to figure out how I would react to all sorts of situations and the uncertainty makes me hesitate a lot while writing. But I'll take your advice and try and enjoy life a bit more!

  6. Rhonda

    I'm stopping by from She Writes. Write On Writers indeed - and that's a lovely photo of Master Dilla on the right there.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Just stopping by on the blog tour. I've added your blog to the SheWrites list, but don't have a name to pt with it.

  8. Right now I'm lucky enough to be home full-time raising my daughter and writing. I hope I can continue to do so but only time will tell.

    Stopping by for the SheWrites blog hop. Have a great weekend.

  9. Hello Brenda! Yes, make this the best of your *ME* years. I have stopped by your blog a time or two, and left a comment (I hope), so I know you are reflecting back on lots. Just let it flow, and know it's alright with me.

    And p2c2u... now that's original. I think I'm looking at (peace to you?). Probably have that wrong, and curious to get it right. I'll have to visit and find. But YES, get out there and enjoy living!!! Not that writing isn't fun, but it can be a pain in the YKW if you find yourself staring at a cursor too long.

    Hi Helen. & Thanks! That's my granddog you see there. Just as spoiled as he wants be. Another little hog of time. Hope you enjoy your weekend as well.

    And thank you "Homecomingbook" for adding my blog to the SheWrites list. My name is Rhonda. RYCJ is my (sort of) pen name, since it's my name as well; in initials however.

    And to you Kelly, writing has a way of finding us when the time is right. You may call it luck, but it just may also be your time. In all, enjoy this time, and that's both being home with your daughter, as well as writing.

    All, thanks for stopping by. I really, really appreciate the visits, and the following!

  10. I am a late bloomer and gave all my time to my family. I feel this is my time now to do what I truly love. I can't even imagine how busy you are but I still hope to one day publish like you. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thank you for sharing from your experience, and like you I also really appreciate the ability to write. Wishing you all the best.

  12. Hey there Val, and Myne...

    I had to peep back a minute, to both of your blogs, and realized I'd been by before.

    Val, think I've said it before... you've got style... and I'm sure you've got people waiting on that book to drop. Already, count me as a fan. I really appreciate this visit.

    And congrats, again to you Myne, and too, thanks for stopping by. I know I keep seeing your book around, but just like I had to peep back on your blog to remember, was it when I remembered you are the author of 'A Heart to Mend'. So, it's a pleasure to meet you here.

  13. Yay for you! When you said 'pep talk,' you meant it - I feel newly energized to get back to work...after a glass of wine to celebrate being in my prime, too :)

  14. Alright now Shelly. I'm glad you're now pepped... but a quick bite to eat and a little "For You I Will," plus that glass of wine... sounds like a perfect recipe for a good cat nap. At least for me it would be;-)

  15. Kisses - the funny thing is, when I dig down and focus on my (novel) writing, I feel bad for neglecting my blogging "family."

    Keep reminding myself, lady, ya work fulltime, and there are still only 24 hours in a day. Eventually, everyone will feel the love. :-)

  16. Well, this here is a lot of love because right now I think I'm feeling just where you are and celebrating right along with you!!! Go Bev Go!!!

  17. Rhonda, A SheWrites Blog Ball brought me here before, this time I joined. Loved your wisdom and reflection on timing, in point, "writing has a way of finding us when the time is right." May I quote you on my blog? I've always been a ravenous reader, but I never had the passion to write until I experienced something horrific in my life. Then it poured out like Niagra Falls and hasn't stopped. At times I think of all the years I wasted, yet as you said, "Writing has a way of finding us when the time is right." Thank you for putting this into perspective.
    Nancy MacMillan

  18. Hi Nancy, You've touched on something I'm still exploring (in thought however), and that's the connection between deeply moving events in our lives, and 'creating'. Just from my immediate perception it seems that most of the more powerful writing (visual art, music, etc., also included) comes from these deep parts in our lives.

    You certainly have my support, and may quote me. I appreciate the visit, and thanks for following.

  19. Hi there! Visiting from the SheWrites Ball. Really enjoy your blog - lots of interesting topics, and your pep talk was much needed. I'm a stay at home mom and adjusting as my daughter's in kindergarten. I've spent time feeling guilty about writing so much over the last few years, but I know I'm doing the right thing.

  20. Hey there Stacy! Still dancing huh? ;-) Yes, when you're giving your family your all, you must take some time for you too. Very good. Thanks for waltzing by!


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