Doing It Yourself

In advance, please excuse how rushed this post is going to go. As you might know, being Queen... and yes, that's with the capital 'Q', of doing it myself, I'm usually pressed for time. But before 'we' go running off with the longhorn, please know, I have already attended years worth of training, schooling, and exercises on marketing, effective communications, the high value of team-work, and some other related educations. Trust me. I know.

But let me tell you something else I know. In lieu of a team, and just so you know, I do have a small team, but in lieu of the typical department-size teams, I've come up with a list of benefits when the remaining option is to do-it-yourself.

Synchronization. Aah, now there's a lovely word. And anyone who's had the pleasure of having to work in a group where a consensus needed to be made; one where EVERYONE happily got on board, you will much appreciate this one word. Discord be gone. A happy consensus is quickly reached, and all things 'be' synchronized when you do-it-yourself.

Accountability. There's no running around screaming and crying, "what the hell happened here!?!" Or, "where is... such and such!?!" Or, and this one is a favorite, "who's in charge here!?!" There's no one to blame but yourself.

Savings. And this is a big one someone out here in the blog-hemisphere touched on before I realized it. When there is a cushiony budget to toss dollars at enterprises promising to do this and that, you may end up accepting this and this without realizing you're paying for services worth a fraction of the cost paid. Doing it yourself allows you to see the true cost of services, and more importantly, what's involved in that service. The savings here, by my accounting, is triple-fold. One, you learned a new skill, and two and three, you saved by doing-it-yourself.

Expectations. I set the bar for myself fairly high, as generally with any project I take on. However, particularly when compensation is negligible, I can't set the same bar for others. Sometimes you have to take what you can get. But see, by doing-it-yourself, you can make the sky the limit.

Satisfaction. This is a given, though not one to take for granted. I once read about a client being told they needed to pipe it down, 'they weren't the only client being serviced.' Now that's probably understandable and acceptable to some, but imagine a project where the only person you have to satisfy with great service is yourself!

In all honesty, and I know I'm not alone here, sometimes when you want something done, and you want it done the way you want it done;-) you just have to doggonit, Do It Yourself! And I'll go on and apologize, because I really wished it weren't the case. But right now, in this very moment, I can hear people all over the world shouting exactly all I've paraphrased here. 

Disclaimer: O. I wonder who's now going to want to work with me after this disclosure?


  1. Nothing like spending XX many hours and bitter tears trying to figure something out on the 'puter - some graphics or programming issues, to have someone fix it for you in ten minutes and realizing that they ARE worth the gazillion dollars an hour they charge!

  2. ooo... I'm sure that's my problem; quick to let something go and move on to the next if it's not working, though I do agree...I do know those worth a gazillion dollars and more!!! Trust me, I waste no time trying to do-it-myself. In that same split second, without detour, I go straight to them.

  3. LOL at the teeeny weeeny disclaimer line. You are a riot!

    I'M queen and before that I was a queeness of DIY. Which is why I can do a little of this and a little of that. In fact yesterday at the Pastor's appreciation dinner, as I was passing around the membership update list, wearing my promotion team hat...the new head of praise and worship asked me if there was anything I was not involved with at church.

    I decided to take that as a compliment and not a hater-ment and said that as more people were trained, I'd be happy to take a seat. LOL.

    Let's hear it for do-it-yourselfers everywhere, especially those who have learned when to delegate. (I passed on praise and worship to him...hehehe)

  4. You like that one? LOL. Just weedin' out the weeds;-). And gotta say AMEN to your response; " decided to take that as a compliment and not a hater-ment and said that as more people were trained, I'd be happy to take a seat." Very good!

    In fact, let me just say AMEN to everything here. "do-it-yourselfers who delegate!" I LOVE IT!!!

    And another disclaimer: the sista is over here still in this knock-down drag out fight over this piece I'm STILL trying to wrap up!

  5. LOL...just toss it my way when you're done. I will be gentle with your gem.


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