The One Big Fun-Loving Question?

The other day I was asked a question I've considered, but reconsidered posting. "What is my favorite genre to write in?"

Deep, deep, deep down beneath the surface I don't have a preference. I've found tremendous enjoyment collaborating on technical, serious more structured literature, as I've enjoyed creative writing. Technical writing, believe it or not, is not as difficult as creative writing. At least not from the occasions I've experienced it. You have the luxury of co-conspirators. If the 'piece' fails, 'we' all fail. So there is the great incentive to support each other, (vigorously), to make sure the document is scrubbed, and airtight. I've enjoyed the challenge... the internal and external fact-checking, reworking phrases for clarity, removing redundancies, and getting all those extra cozy eyes to look over things, adding the touches that make things happen. I love non-fiction.

My loyalties however, currently are with fiction, or creative writing. Here's where I have the opportunity to take all of my imaginings and happenings and mix them together to fashion stories. After reading 'the' rules; many rules, too many rules, and respecting the rules I've read, even following the rules by expanding onto the rules that have been growing since I first started reading the rules, I've found creative writing to be most liberating. Creative literature is the one division of writing that allows for expansion; for exploring and for growth. In fact, creativity in the innateness of the word requires inventing outside of what has been invented. Believe me, like the new words and terminologies being added to our dictionaries and reference books, I didn't make this up either.

But now here's where the fun exculpatory piece slips in. Non-fiction, and now memoirs, has long been my reading preference. On top of this, I specifically, of all the genres, did not like romance. In fact, and I don't like using this troubling word, but I'm going to have to go on and admit to once upon a time hating romance. Fairy tales always bothered me, yet, guess what? Romance is the genre I find most relaxing and easiest to write in.

A year or so ago I laughed when I realized this, remembering explicitly how I felt about romance. Took me right to that axiom I used to hear but ignored. "Never say never." Now when I start out with, "I'll nev⎯" I know to stop right there.

Basically, I enjoy crafting stories. A unique beginning, a solid body (or middle), and a grand slam ending is my primary focus. There's no one genre, or anything that encompasses writing, that doesn't appeal to me.