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Passing the Buck…

A while back, and for whatever reason, a few people felt inclined to look me sternly in the eye and tell me how important it was that I keep my word. I didn't want to be rude, and in at least two instances I had no choice but to courteously nod, yet something about these type interfaces didn't sit right with me.

What could it be? One thing about me, I can be incredibly loyal to those close to me. I also believe it is important to keep ones word. Wishy-washiness doesn't wash well over on me either. And even so, I got really bothered by this admonishing.

It took a while before I came to terms with what so bothered me. Actually, looking back I know for a fact I was staring it in the face all the while but didn't have the essentials to group what I wanted to say at the moment it needed to be said.

'Passing the buck...' that's what I was thinking. Now, I don't want to come off so sour so soon after Thanksgiving... which reminds me... I surely hope everyone stopping by enjoyed the Thanksgiving break. I know I did. Mines went something like this comedian (forget which one) describing how everyone could tell when someone hadn't been out in a while. As the monologue went, they were the ones doing the cartwheels, headstands, jumping jacks and what not. That was me. Having a blast of a time, though I did apologize, hoping those who were with me understand it's been a while since I've been able to release like that. But the food was delicious, the accommodations beyond comfortable, and the laughs... well, I made sure those were all on the house.

But, oh well, I'm now safely tucked back in my abyss wondering why in the Sam Dickens I can't pass the buck like everyone else!?! And yes, I get the fact that just because someone else is not doing the right thing, doesn't mean that it's okay for me to follow suit too. It so reminds me of parents who would say, "do as I say, not as I do!"

Imagine for sec someone standing in front of you, and let's say cursing up a storm, using every piece of profanity to make the point you should never swear. Now true, I get it. Swearing is not so pretty and just because this person is doing it, doesn't mean I should. But still!!!

Now let's tie this thing together as I know the question is hanging out there. What does passing the buck have to do with keeping my word? I really apologize about going all the way around the Mulberry bush just to say I piled too much on my plate this year! And not my Thanksgiving plate, which thank heavens that was one goal I met... but on this other plate I did.

Ironically, the one commitment that has stayed with me all these months was the promise I made to follow-up with TEN SheWriters to see how they were coming along with three goals, or rather wishes (big difference), they've set for 2012. See how all this ties together? Wonderfully doesn't it? I'm feeling better already.

In any event, I truly hope everyone is coming through on the goals they've set for this year, because if you haven't understood anything I've written here, please do not follow my example. I'm about as bad as the parent who tells a child, 'find a decent life partner, and oh by the way, I hate your father/mother.'

And Spoiler Alert: I'm just about finished reading Le Freak by Nile Rodgers, just in time to make one of my Top Ten 'Over the Top' reads for 2011!!! Yeah! I can't wait to start working on my New Year's resolutions, which I'll post with my Top Ten outstanding 2011 books'  list.


  1. I'm a little lost, perhaps i'm far too slow so while i go back and give it another back would you please visit my store and check it out before I send you an email R:

  2. Wendy, your store looks really nice! Left you a comment;-)

  3. Pass the buck...I try not to bu when I do I dress it up with the label "Delegating". LOL! It seems to work. :)

  4. Awl now see, I can do delegating. That I don't mind. Though I'm probably not as good at it as you;-)

    ...and speaking of delegating, please look out for my emails;-) I get dragged off the stage by the feet backwards. LOL!!!

  5. LOL!! Now that is a great mental image.


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