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Welcoming Change… 2012 New Year’s Resolutions!

When I first heard I was resistant to change I honestly couldn't figure out what in the double jeopardy this person was talking about. Who me? Resistant to change? —oh, this person, forget not having the slightest inkling of what change looks like in its dress down clothes; this one here knows nothing about getting along just fine with mood swings.
Change for me is not leap-frogging from one software program to the next, trying to figure out the differences between the old and new program. And it's not hop-scotching from one social forum to the next. That, to me, feels like an attention deficit. Or maybe...let's see how I can squander time doing the same function ten different ways. Now, while I can hang with a person who changes topics mid-sentence, talks throughout a movie, and each visit is showing me up with a new trinket, or this total new flair, moving around me like a tornado on speed...I am still reluctant to see this as change... at least in a constructive way.

TWAS The Night Before Christmas

I didn't want to use that caption but something stronger than myself compelled me to.
Every month it used to be a treat, and a sort of running joke between us prepping the family newsletter, wondering what my father would come up with next for the cartoon Flex~tyme we printed in the newsletter. In a way it was like opening a present at Christmas time. My heart always fluttering wondering what was it this time. What would be beneath the wrapper?
Well, in that caption above was one such time when I opened the envelope, and knowing how (let's say) not very jolly he became around this time of year, that I had to sigh, "Oh Dad, no you didn't," and then cried laughing when I saw what he created. Oh my goodness, it was for the family newsletter! And if that wasn't enough, I looked down at the bottom, beneath the sketch where he wrote: How to cut down on Christmas.
Alrighty, so now that I'm all good and flexed, let me get right on with what Tops My Lists this Year!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

Here's another small token I'm imparting with. How I've handled unexpected dynamics discovered around publishing my work. But before that, let me plug a note about the book I just finished reading: The Perfect Christmasby Debbie Macomber.
Did I ever say what bothered me about 'traditional' romance fiction? If not, the Perfect Christmas would be my answer. Now, just hold your horses here. I didn't say anything about not liking the book. I, in fact, LOVED the book. It's the sweetest, and funniest, short romance read I have come across in quite some time.

Season’s Greetings Readers!

...I haven't celebrated Christmas in the traditional American gift-giving sense... in, oh... for quite a few years now. And for no particular reason either. Just got tired of the hustle and bustle of it all. But tis the season! This holiday I've gone out and done a little shopping, pulling out from beneath Santa's hat a gift that's sure to cheer up anyone who's looking to enjoy a "satisfying, fulfilling, successful relationship."
Alasha Bennett-Thomas, the dating mechanic, on Dating 101 has agreed to a Q&A relationship interview with me, and I am thrilled to pieces about it. I thought this would be a nice tie-in for the romance novels I write. I'm also going to go on and admit, if I were out there trying to date in this day, I would be lost, lost, lost! So I am quite pleased about this opportunity, promising everyone stopping by, what you are about to experience will be a priceless gift. This is the type of gift that appreciates in a paying it forw…

What’s All That About, RYCJ?

Some times I really want to take my time and go all out citing sources in the posts I pose, but ultimately decide (after eliminating a culmination of excuses) to save the intense work for a book. At any rate this is all here to say this will be another joinder where I'll be musing once more off the cuff. (Note: Speaking of writing off the cuff, I thought I was making joinder up! But looka here... spell check thinks it's a real word. Guess I'll have to look it up... which I'll do after posting this.)
I read mostly nonfiction; bios, mems, and the sort, but write primarily fiction. I love writing fiction. I think I said it before. It's the one time when I get to really free my creativity. Don't have to bother with intricacies, provided I can weave one hell of a story. Just tell, and yes TELL, the story. (Will explain that novelty in another post.) Make it tight. The sky is the limit.

Bad Reading Habits

I ran into this topic a while back on Book Blogs. After answering the question and reading through quite a few other comments I thought it worth the while to write a post on.
…Hi. My name is RYCJ and I have a bad reading habit. I close books very quickly, usually by page 50 or somewhere thereabout, if the book is doing nothing good for my mood. I do not like this habit for the prime case of what just happened. I just finished a book where I went from being very close to conceding to no one other than myself I wouldn't finish the book, to shouting to the top of my lungs, this is one of my top ten favorite reads this year!!!

Please Don’t Take This Wrong…

Sometimes I do brag, but only to balance my shortcomings so that I don't have to be tapped on the shoulder and told I have a low self-esteem. My self-esteem is just fine, but often when I'm just shrugging things off and preferring to hang in the background of things, I get provoked into coming out of my comfort zone to prove just how big my ego really is. And please don't laugh... or frown. It's really no laughing matter. This happens to be one of the items on my wish list this 2011 Christmas. That I stay securely tucked in my humble zone, having nothing to prove to no one.