Headline Grabbers!

Occasionally, between the writing, I've glanced over at pitches bloggers have been headlining and had to do the 'double-take look'. Or, maybe in my case it was the 'squinty-eyed look.' Unfortunately all I could do however, was look. At present I haven't been able to read A N Y T H I N G. All I can do is LQQK, and maybe go... ooo! I wanna read that one. And... ooo, again!... I wanna read that one too!

It happened here today. Except this one (listed in the number 1 spot) made me smile... wide. So I said, 'you know, you haven't posted anything in a while. Why not grab all those headliners you've been oooing and aaahing over, and list them here.'

And so, that's just what I'm doing. Listing all the Headline Grabbers that wow'd me, and perhaps I may eventually get around to reading... though, AFTER... I hop off this labor table.

(And please, if there is anyone out here in this wide-world of webbing who has had four babies... like quadruplets... something like two-weeks apart, (that's the only catch), please let me know. I'm looking for a mentor).

...And also by the way, some of these headline grabbers are not linked, however I did provide the author of the headline, and in some cases the originating source. 

Way to go Headline Authors! In all this haze I've got going on over here, you've managed to not only get my attention, but made your headline so damn interesting that I actually stopped what I was doing to post on it.


#1 - To Facebook, Or Not To Facebook? That is the Question! @ the girlfriend mom

#2 - 25 Signs #yourenotreallyontwitter @ ME Liz Strauss

#3 - Teaching and Making Music in the 'Colored Waiting Room' (on CD?)

...AND THEN THESE... Which this group below can all be found on 

#4 - "What to Expect When You're Expecting: A Book" POST BY Ilie Ruby

#5 - "I posted about being caught up in mind numbing, analytical dialogue!!" @ Adrian Ruiz

#6 - "If you dream of packing your bags and hitting the open road, check out my book review here:" @ Nancy Mueller

#7 - "I wrote a post about dropping that glue gun, backing away from the scrapbook and getting back to work on your memoir writing." @ Marion Roach Smith

#8 - "I just post about how geek is in, and nerd is the new cool." @ Vanessa K. Eccles

#9 - "Various Positions by Martha Schabas" @ Tabitha Olson

#10 - "I made a disturbing discovery this week: of the top 25 upcoming YA novels of 2012, nearly all of them feature a white girl. What do you think of this trend? Do you know of a great YA book...:" @ Kiersi Burkhart

DISCLAIMER: It's Gonna Git Graphicker


  1. When I have a moment I'll be visiting these. I look forward to it.

  2. ooo, you had a few headline grabbers too! But then I think I stopped to leave a comment;-)

  3. Whee, I made it! Thanks for this list, RYJC.

  4. Yes you did Kiersi! Quite humorous on first inspection, and very interesting perspective... and comments posted on your blog.


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