Taking Breaks, Moving Forward & From Now On...

Gotta break here a sec to laugh at myself.  'They' say this is the best way to keep moving forward, so I'm going to try it and see how this works.

Without further explaining, here are my Top TEN ways to tell when I have piled too much on my plate.

10 – Welp, one way to tell is when you wake up at four in the morning bawled up in a knot, crying and swearing you'll never eat anything again.

9 – Another way to tell, and that... of course... would be when you can't see over, around, by, left or right of your plate.

8 – And this here is a really good clue... when you look up, with the circle of whip cream around your mouth, at the restaurant manager standing over you demanding that you either pay, or start rolling up your sleeves to buss tables and wash dishes.

But (of course) this really isn't what this post is mostly about.
Your plate can also be piled too high when things like this start happening...

7 – When your email inbox goes from ZERO unread messages to 500... and then the next time you look, you can't identify the number.

6 – When you hear yourself say... 'Oh, I have an idea...' and after a quick scan, you take the mouse and just whip it over a section of email and pray it wasn't anything important you drag to the trashcan.

5 – When you do the same with your to-do list.

4 – Obviously, when you start telling yourself, 'I think I've piled too much on my plate,' then you know good and well you have piled too much on your plate. In other words, it’s no longer a guessing matter.

3 – When you find yourself planning vacations to places you never even heard of, just to make positively sure you do, and see something new.

2 – When you start hearing sounds like ...wooooo... wooooo, and you're not in scuba gear exploring the floor of the ocean.

But the absolute way to know for certain that you have piled too much on your plate...

1 – When this is the post you end up posting on your Book Blog, announcing to anyone passing by, 'Hey everybody, I bet you didn't know I have too much on my plate!'

Okay, and so now that I've enjoyed a little laugh, at my expense, I must say it’s not all that bad, although I do have quite a bit still going on. And yes, I have deleted email doing just as described above, but have since been more careful. Well, that came after receiving a wonderful reminder by snail mail that there is more than one way to get my attention. So, thank you Mr. Postmaster.

The point here is, there is some enjoyment I'm finding in all of the busyness, and however lame, please bare with me in my vain attempt to at least keep my book blog going. There can't be any doubt about how long it took me to post this one. Graphics and all.


  1. lol,lol. You always manage to make me laugh.
    here is my new blog site.

  2. Hey Sidne - nice blog... I've added you to my sidebar so I can check back.


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