My Darlings, A Labor of Love


An apology is first in order for anyone who's been wondering where in a sultry dark mood I've been. I apologize. It's not the first time I've had to dip out to take care of pressing matters, however it is the first time I've interrupted a continuous stream of blogging. For that, I truly apologize, but make no apologies for those three darlings above that has kept me so occupied.

Because I wanted to give readers a real treat, I really took my time with my latest three books, in both writing and designing the covers for My Love (350pp)–Series V of the Rhapsody Series, Double Dare (230pp)–contemporary literature, and Mindless (300pp)–a mystery. I give special thanks to the Temple University student, Shanelle Simmons, for her eye with proofreading My Love and Double Dare.

All three titles will be available (paperback only) for purchase at the end of the month, either via my website, or other online book sites. An e-book version (for select titles) will be made available July 2012. 

I also must enclose, moving forward, OEBooks Book Blog will be dedicated to book reviews, and author, or book lover interviews. My personal musings, and information on my work, along with book shows and conferences I plan to attend will be updated on my website beginning July 2012.

That said, I wholly look forward to diving into the reading. It's the one thing I sorely missed while working on my books, and the one thing I can do in conjunction with other activities. I also missed peeking in on reading blog posts of some of my favorite bloggers. But I haven't been totally in the dark. I have caught major South-East-North-Westerly winds coming from some very interesting developments happening in the book world. Nothing too surprising, but interesting none the less. 

Now, please excuse me. A thousand and ninety-nine other things are calling, for which each, I'm sure, will be due some sort of atonement. Getting to my book blog just came first. 



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