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Best of the Best, 2012

What a year, what a year. Got some more Top Tens, the best of the best, favorites from 2012!
Getting right on with it, while we're all still seeing clear, at the very tip-top of my favorites, in a category all to its very own, (of course), are you the READER! Much, much love to you!

OEBooks Top Ten Favorite Tweeted Stories (in no particular order)

A Toast to the Writing Resolution Blog Hop Ball

I've been waiting to attend this ball all year, and now here it is…the perfect spot to slip in another Top Ten list, and call it my writing resolutions.
Before …oh boy…I get started, please know that Meg Waite-Clayton at 1stbooks is hosting the blogger ball. All the rules can be found (and followed) by clicking the icon pic in my caption, which also should be your caption as well. But before you get to clicking, here are my writing resolutions going into the New Year.

Meet Amber West, Indie Author of The Ruth Valley Missing

Although I wasn't expecting to open any Christmas presents today, in the pit of my stomach I hoped I hadn't entirely been left off Santa's list. Well, surprise, surprise. I got up today to open a very unexpected gift, and just overjoyed to share it.
I met Amber West, author of The Ruth Valley Missing, on She Writes and was instantly piqued by the synopsis of her new book; an offbeat mystery that read both humorous and intriguing. And just to fill you in, this was about a month ago when I was earnestly looking for a book to suit my mood, to help meet my reading challenge.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings…and 10 of the Best Social Hangouts

This is not the season to be talking, or writing, all ho-hum... not when there is always someone, or something to appreciate. I mean, like who was it that said the Internet was going to siphon jobs and turn our physical world into ghost towns? Because whoever said it was talking nothing but ho-hum, and way off balance I must add.
All-righty, hopefully no one got too wasted off that little lead-in, especially since it shouldn't be too challenging figuring out it used to be me talking like that way back in the day. Please excuse the impulsive outburst. It's just that balancing our physical world with a virtual world seemed important back the way to go. I mean people kept telling me about plan, plan, plan. Well, it would've been nice to have experienced a smoother transition with the Internet as well.

A Gift for the Aspiring Writer

This is a third of the Top Ten lists I've pulled together to share as my small token for aspiring writers, and readers as well. I started to do this in halves, but had to trim things down when I realized things were getting too out of hand. But to some avail, these are some Top Tens you may not want to pass over. And do check back for my top 10 favorite books I've read this year. It's pretty much official, even if there is ever that slight possibility I might meet my reading goal set this year and discover yet another favorite!

Meet Crime Writer, Marguerite Ashton

I'm a very pleased to host Marguerite's online book tour for her crime novel Burned Bridges, and excited to be granted this interview. Marguerite discovered her passion for writing crime in 2002, honing her skills by entering writing competitions. However, it was through radio interviews and speaking at public schools that she found a way to educate and entertain. Couple all of this onto working with agent, Peter DeAnello of Big Fish Talent, (where she appeared in a commercial), along with participating in indie and student film projects, plus working at the Public Defender's office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and what we have is one fiction crime writer.

Click the link to follow her book giveaway hosted through Goodreads. She's giving away 20 autographed copies. And (of course) enjoy our online Q&A chat below.

Naming, Branding, Labeling, & then Stereotyping

This post stems from many directions; coming to life from a topic I needed an extra day to better broach.
Periodically, or maybe a little more than periodically, I surf web channels to get a reading on the book industry. I'm not looking for anything in particular... just sort of checking on who’s doing what, saying what, and perhaps to see if books are still being published at that mind-whopping 790% (I think it last was, the last time I checked) growth rate. What I came across led to this post, which I'll try to keep very brief.

It’s Crunch Time

So says Goodreads, I'm behind—again—in my reading challenge. Last year, reluctantly acknowledging, I cheated. Yes, I did. I challenged myself to read 100 books, but after forecasting I wasn't hitting anywhere near that number, I lowered the challenge to a realistic integer—like 35. And not to worry, I forecasted this months ahead of crawling to the finish line... even if I didn't get around to correcting the discrepancy until just prior to climbing above a pile of books, holding up a finger talking about, "I made it!"