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Speaking of entertaining readers, I've been given the green light to announce a few things working behind the scene at OSAAT Entertainment.

As I hinted at earlier, I'm no longer working solo. Actually, I've never been a solo unit, when taking something like inspiration into consideration. Yes, I create all of my books from cover to cover…meaning designing the covers, the interior layout and illustrations, and of course the writing, but I'm speaking of the motivation that inspires this creativity… those elements, which due to its abstruse nature, that seldom get identified, matrixed, and credited. Though not to get ahead of myself, sliding into a deeper zone, I'll touch up on this area by the end of this post. For now I want to introduce a few projects this inspiration I'm speaking of has produced.  

Of the many genres I wanted to publish, childrens' books were one, so I'm really excited about our new interactive language series for children, Pumpkin Bear Books. Written by husband and wife team Gabrielle Chanel and Fernando Isern, we published the first six books of the series for iPad January 2013.

Pumpkin Bear Books extend beyond simple vocabulary, as the challenge of learning any language is having daily interactions with native speakers and their culture. This educational series, available in French, Spanish, and English, and created for children ages 0 – 5, includes colorful illustrations, fun cultural activities, adorable characters, and a wonderful storyline. Parents, children and teachers in over 40 countries around the world are downloading Pumpkin Bear Books.

February 2013 we also published the eBook version of The Daughter of God, signing our first best-selling author Gwen Davis, an American novelist, playwright, songwriter, journalist and poet. Aside from having twenty-one books published, including the sexy bestseller The Pretenders, Gwen authored the famous movie, What a Way to Go, and had a play on Broadway, The Best Laid Plans.

The Daughter of God includes amazing ink illustrations by Joe L. Sky, including THE LAST LUNCHEON, an ingenious riff on the Da Vinci Last Supper, and is available on the iBookstore.

And for the longest I've been working on re-releasing a number of titles I've written, in other formats; eBook and audio versions foremost, and sprucening up a few of my book covers, too.

Well, finally A Piece of Peace has an adorable new cover, and along with Double Dare is available on the iBookstore. In addition, my newest book Lock Box, a paranormal mystery, released February of this year.

Lock Box is the story of a father, Curtis T. Cummins, who is zapped out of the ethereal world, to return to the physical world in the form of a cell…one mad living cell… to protect his daughter from her evil surroundings, and keep the secret of her birth forever hidden. Humorous, a little eerie, and most certainly not the daddy you want to be messin' with, Lock Box is available in print by direct purchase.

And last, but certainly not least, the touch up I promised on inspiration by end of this post, I will host an Open Book Talk – Thursday – April 25, 2013 – 2pm to 4pm – Downtown Philadelphia, PA.

This Open Book Talk is a FREE event that will introduce a series of "Talks" designed to motivate, inspire and entertain.

"Just because I've decided not to write a memoir, doesn't preclude us from opening a frank and interactive dialogue, sharing snippets of our experiences in storytelling fashion.”

So please, if you are in the area, make a note to your calendar. Registration is required. The details on where to register, free of charge, will be made available the first week in March.

The Power of Inspiration.


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  2. Thank you for your comment! Check out our books and let us know what you think.

    Gracias por su comentario. Visite nuestra página web para más información sobre nuestros libros.

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    1. Wow. Thank you Henry. We really appreciate you stopping by. I'm not sure if The Equation book and The Equation - The Official Book Trailer are one in the same... but that trailer speaks volumes.


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