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A Social Media Maze Mix

This should be a diverting post to pass time with; inspired in part by a Linked-In connection, and in part inspired by a great agglomeration of other muses… such as amusement.

Mama Red Knight, who writes in a sage voice I instantly connected with, wrote 30 Quirky Things You Don't Know About Mama Red on her "Sexy Back-ends for your Business" blog. And by the way, a great blog full of healthy content, though as I read down the list (on that particular post), I didn't notice anything out of character. I, did, however get a kick out of the tattoo she experienced at 44. None-the-less, and after some extra thought, already deciding this would be fodder for my next post, I got to thinking more and more…all the fun ways I could exploit 30 quirky things musing around me.

A secret, a secret no more, of the many personality traits I've been complimented on, quirky resides right up there at the top of tributes… right there beside creativity; two attributes union-ed together. So there you have it. If you're creative and you know it, take that badge and just wear the hell out of it.

…because this is a Badge of Honor well worth noting…

(Speaking of quirks), When I first hopped on the social media (craze?), and was invited to my first social media party, I thought, 'man this sure feels weird…' gib-gabbing with virtual people I not only did not know, but freak, I couldn't even see! But, 'what the hell,' I also said, given the weirder things I've done before. 'Everybody else is doing it,' I blithely shrugged, without an inch more thought to that end.

Before I knew it though, just as me―and roughly about tens of thousands of other invisible social media partiers started getting the hang of hanging out at this invisible party, the host of this (crazy?) party jumped up and split the scene…just left… cut out on us, telling us albeit, to follow along to some other party that was supposed to be bigger and better.

A few went. Or maybe everyone went. I really wouldn't know since I really didn't know who really was at the first party, and that's despite the gib-gabbing it up with so many. I decided to get on back to my normal environment, where I could see the people I partied with, except on my way back to this semblance of normalcy, still drunk as the moon on social media punch, I stumbled on some other parties, more or less of the same, and started hanging out there.

But here's the real deal. If this post sounds a little strange, then take comfort. Anyone who's ever felt a little bad about feeling out of sorts, *or different*, can now be comforted by this post. And anyone who's always felt cool and confident about mastering the social media maze can feel even cooler and more confident in the given copesthetic environment. And me, after finding this post refreshingly therapeutic to write, can take solace in having magnanimously surpassed 30 quirks, possibly now within stalking range of top diversity scouts.

Gosh, I love that word magnanimously. Got it from Ving Rhames in the movie Don King. Haha. Now that's got to be the quirkiest cherry on top!


  1. Ha ha. I got a chuckle out of 'Sexy Back-ends for your business..." Good stuff.

    1. I got a kick out of that tag-line too. Sexily clever and catchy! Thanks for dropping in;-)


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