TOP 10 Reasons I Enjoy Procrastination

Procrastination sounds like such a disappointing word, when it's really unnecessary to take that way, especially given how I deal with procrastinating.

Like most; and this would be #10 at the top of my list, when I don't want to do something, I just don't want to do it. It's really not all of a bad thing. Not being a 'busy work' type person actually can be quite productive. I mean, why intentionally make work for yourself?

#9 – Believe it or not, and perhaps like most others too, I've come to realize I'm generally at my best and most productive when the bar is raised---particularly high---and the demand quite pressing. Oh boy, that's when things really get done.

Which coincides with my #8 – Planning. This might be a unique way of seeing this, but another way of handling procrastination is by planning to put things off and adapting to getting things done at the last minute. I really would like to elaborate here, however in short I picked up this skill when I worked in banking... when there was no automation. (No! Not planning to put things off. Oh, goodness No! I'm talking straight up getting things done quickly, which may as well have been doing things at the last minute.)

#7 – Often too, procrastinating gives me time to think things over. You know... like maybe the work will go away; or perhaps someone will jump in and do the work for me; or if nothing else, I could come up with a work-around and build this feature into my future procrastination planning.

#6 – Money, or the lack thereof, also makes me procrastinate… Big Time!

#5 – Sleep will do it to me too. I always put stuff off I don't want to do when I get sleepy.

#4 – There are times too, when I have to schedule my own personal time out. Anyone who's ever sent out an email and later regretted it, will know exactly what I'm talking about here.

#3 – And FUN! This is another one that contributes to my procrastinating. I don't know too many people, at least not where I like having fun, who will drop the fun to complete a task they've procrastinated about.

#2 – And this one too… sometimes I'm not procrastinating. Sometimes I've just plain forgotten. That happens. You may have heard it before, "hey, did you cook dinner?" And, "oh no, I forgot."

#1 – Now this one… and man, everyone has to fall head over heels in love with this one… Ready? Cause here it goes… (I'll share this one in the next post...).