Debut Books, Emerging Artists, and Best Storytellas in Town Contest #2

Off the top, I just finished reading…To the Moon and Timbuktu by Nina Sovich. It's not a debut book; the author is a journalist. But all the same, it's a lovely book… that being once Nina's story grabbed hold of me. I recommend it... highly, with one advance directive.

This one must be read…every page… to the end. I want to write more, such as drawing on how this story personifies the importance of identifying our purpose in life, or better, the purpose of life, but will cut it short to jump on all of this other inspiration I've been leaning on. My thoughts about Nina's book however, are posted on my review page.

Okay… so now where do I begin? Oh, here we go!

I finally slid—the right way—into SaBrowny Rae's Backdoor Tales. It happened just after tussling out of the opening, reminiscent of the same struggle I've *admittedly* had with reading Bibles. Save for being one who insists on reading every page, I found a fantastic treat when I got to Chapter One.

So, congratulations SaBrowny Rae on her debut novel! The layout especially, and cover too, is gorgeous, making for an extra treat following the devilishly intriguing stories of four children and their families. If you enjoy curling up with books, you'll love Backdoor Tales.

I'm reading Terri Lyon's earlier works, too. Terri won our 1st Best Storytellas in Town contest, where upon meeting her to personally present her winnings, she shared with me three of her books; one I read in a sitting and love, Loved, LOVED. 'I Shall Not Want'. Highlights of our interview can be found here.

And I know I shared this before, but after receiving two autographed CDs from DeLana Stevens and the Beggar Saints, I'm rocking them again. You must… you must, check out these emerging musicians whose music, "baptized in the art of rock-n-roll" 'Give a Little!' Yah!!! ~ Love it!

And... And... this! We're inviting kids, tweens and teens to participate in our next Best Storytellas in Town Contest #2. The theme this time around is "Back to School." Contest starts TODAY. Entries must be postmarked by August 31, 2013. No purchase is necessary to enter; and the FIRST 10 Storytellas to submit their story will receive an OSAAT Entertainment tote bag. To learn more, read the guidelines here.


  1. HI there. Its been a long long while and hoping your are fabulous. I want to give To the Moon and Timbuktu a definite go once I make even a miniscule dent on my TBR stack. Thank you R

    1. Hey Wendy... yes a long time. Yes, this woman's travel memoir was a fascinating trek through Africa. Not sure how her experience may relate with you, knowing the parts she explored a lot better, but I certainly can relate with you about that TBR stack! Thanks for dropping by.


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