Why it is Critically Important to Toot Our Horns

Now, it’s up to you about where or how loud you toot your horn. On your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or if you can work it out with FAA, maybe they’ll help you toot your horn across the sky. Imagine that? Seeing each other’s accomplishments written across the sky.

And yes, this may sound different, but wait until you hear the rest of this... the few ground rules if you’re trying to figure out what to toot.

You know how you hear all of this talk about success? Welp, as I'm doing right here, it doesn't matter what your blog is about, grab a scrap of paper, or a whole unused 380-page spiral notebook, or simply open a blank document, and write or type til your fingertips go numb all of your accomplishments. It’s that simple, and trust me, it's very easy to do. Your fingers will be tired before you know it. A whole lot of us are doing a lot more than we're giving ourselves credit for.

For instance...

Figured out how to start a blog, and are now blogging? That’s a TooT!
Won a karaoke contest back in 2000? Check!!! That’s another valid TOOT!
Ever won a bingo game? Bingo! That’s a TOOT!

Won a lotto? And it could’ve been a scratcher, $300, or the MEGA LOTTO-LOTTO! TooT! TOOT! Toot your horn!

Got your kids through school and into college? You better toot that horn! Here, TOOT! TOOT! I’m not shamed. I’ll toot your horn for you!

Heck, did you just get one kid out of the house and on their own! TooT! TooT!
Open your own salon? TooT! TooT!
Just hired!?! TOOT! TOOT!

Wrote a book!?! TOOT! TOOT!
Wrote 9,10, 11, heck… a hundred books or more… TOOT! TOOT! TOOT! TOOT! TOOT! TOOT!

Gave birth to a life? TOOT! TOOT!
Saved a Life? TOOT! TOOT!

Bought a car? …Or a home? Or how about, built a home? Ever in your life promoted? Just ordained? Or what about baptized? Completed graduate school? Passed the bar? Earned a medical license? Opened a practice? There’s no success, big or small, that doesn’t qualify for the TooT! TooT! TooT! TOOT your horn!

The point in this exercise is that every day millions of us are accomplishing successes that are taken for granted. Don’t let the Lords tell you what is and isn’t successful, or how loud to toot your horn. Whenever you find a place to toot, TOOT!

The reason it is important to TOOT! TOOT! TOOT our accomplishments, is to let our successes be contagious. Doing this isn't for you, but for us.

Help unblock our blessings and TOOT! TOOT! TOOT! Toot your horn LOUD, LONG, and ALWAYS!