Why Write Fiction?

Before going there... let me go here! This is NOT Fiction. I am ecstatic to have landed an interview spot on Wendy Ewurum’s Fabulosity Reads blog.

Wendy is an Xhosa chick from Cape Town with a major proclivity towards blogging, art, books, fashion and home making who moved to the City of Gold a decade ago, acquiring 1 husband, 4 kids and 6 fishes… and she loves to dance. She also is an aspiring writer, a somewhat poet, and a stay/work-at-home mom... the best part; the part she really loves.

I invite everyone, to not only read the interview, but to read Wendy’s blog. You will be in for an amazing treat; one of the best book conversationalists blogging!

Now speaking of book conversations, I’ve been catching quite a few here recently. Opinions are all over chat-boards, mines included, hopscotching from writing what we know, to writing what we read, and others truths in between. I’m not even going to confuse the conversations even more, by trying to unknot it all. I’m only dropping in to note the top ten reasons why I write fiction.

One of the difficulties about reading memoirs is trying to figure out how to describe the experience. How do you explain an embarrassing or gloomy story as enjoyable?  Welp, with reading, and especially writing fiction, this dilemma is next to nonexistent.

So, make this my number one. I write fiction because it can easily be described as enjoyable.

Writing fiction allows us to explore possibilities…
…to imagine the what ifs
…to be creative
…to inspire thought
…to play with words, moving them around like playing musical chairs
…to escape, a story at a time
…to leave the research, investigative elements for Non-fiction
…to dream

I write fiction because it is entertaining.

But, and of course, taking nothing away from Mems, Bios, and Non-Fiction, when I want truths, information, figures and facts, you better believe it—I know just where to find it!