Top Ten Most Influential Female Writers

When I think of trendsetters, groundbreakers, female trailblazers and pioneers in storytelling and literature, I think of JANE AUSTEN.

...And the other Most Influential Female Storytellers.

ANN PETRY was a phenomenal storyteller. 'Miss Muriel and other stories' is a favorite.

DIANE MCKINNEY-WHETSTONE writes many stories centered around West Philly. One of my favorites is Tempest Rising.

ZANE doesn’t get enough credit from my viewfinder. I give this woman much respect for the ground she broke in coming out with those sex chronicles, writing about sex in ways that still is not an 'industry' appreciated way for women to write.

PHILLIS WHEATLEY’s story, the first published black female writer… a poet taught by her slaveholding family has always been endearing.

MARY MONROE is a HUGE inspiration to me!!! Her novel The Upper Room inspired me to write Lock Box!!! Plus, I met her, have her autograph, and heard her speak. SHE'S PHENOMENAL!!!

J. CALIFORNIA COOPER was a favorite for her exhilarating short-story collection Homemade Love!!!

MAYA ANGELOU is my number one favorite (aside from Jane Austen's powerful story). I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings will forever be with me. She inspired me to write... to sing all of my stories from my heart!!!

TONI MORRISON I stay in awe of the "Bluest Eye"!

…But...and then of course... I must include me... My very own story holds the greatest heartbeat within these phenomenal influential storytellers.

Lady writers that rock!