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Go Kiley Go!

There are so, so many reasons to root for Kiley’s Purple Hat Kickstarter campaign; the creativeness and imaginative quality of the story…the handmade, authentic quality of the actual book…the diverse element and inspiring energy the story exudes, crossing cultures with the potential of sparking this sizable level of creative energy in children.

I said it before and will say it again. Creativity leads to innovation, and innovation is a commodity our future depends upon. Innovation will never go out-of-style…be a relic of the past. It will stay, perpetually, high in demand.

But all that disclosed, I’ve got some individuals and entities to thank.

To my writer-peers, mentors and friends, your support means the world to me. I’ve supported many authors unconditionally, because I love giving of my time and resources, especially when I’m giving to those in my lane, but when you turn around and throw the love right back, this act of generosity will forever mean the world to me.

I’m tipping my purple hat for Kiley’s Purple Hat tying in first place for the best Crowdfunding Campaign of the Week on CrowdSifter; featured in their Newsletter! ...All thanks to our 97 98 backers rooting for Kiley's Purple Hat through blog posts, reviews, tweets, and financial backing from around the world!

Thank you to the individuals and entities showing Kiley’s Purple Hat love on the air and in the News!

Thank you to the George Lopez Foundation that “helps provide significant community and arts resources for education.” We are truly humbled.

DJ Grandpa (host of THE crowdfunding podcast on DJ Grandpa’s Crib) we love you for hosting Kiley’s Purple Hat on the Crib. (Our segment runs from 13:03 to 23:05)

Thank you & congratulations Ronald Garner from Silence in the Library Publishing who’s pulled off a successful Kickstarter, Heroes!

And Yay! In case I didn’t share this before, Kiley's Purple Hat is Lexile Measured!

Trying not to get too personal, and mushy, throwing back much thank-you love, so if I didn’t call you out specifically, do know I know who you are. All of us over here at OSAAT Entertainment know who you are, and without mention our illustrator Nathalie Beauvois… and the author Jaxon Barnes loves you, just as we love them too.

But here’s the important thing; children are going to appreciate you, and our future too.

We value your support. We need your support. Please check out this amazing campaign and show your support.

Go Kiley Go!


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