Promises, Promises, Promises

Just beneath, or above, committing the most egregious offense there is, has to be making promises and not keeping them. If I make a promise, I want to keep that promise because breaking promises are like missed opportunities... the loss mostly all on the offender's end.

So today, after reading (A Boy From Down East) written by Larry B. Gray who promised a relaxing read, and delivered on that promise, I’m inspired to create a Top Ten Thursday. Never mind if this day actually falls on Sunday, or Friday, or on every day but Thursday. Today, over here at OEBooks, it falls on today.

Obviously I cannot read the numerous book review requests I receive. I can’t even keep up with replying to all of the requests I receive, but I can pitch 10 ways to catch my attention and not only get a reply, but have the book read as well.

10. Upbeat synopsis. In other words, I like my eggs sunny side up rather than upside down and poached. It’s not that one is better than the other. It’s just a preference.

9. Pitching stories in a sentence. Agnes Askew (made up name) flies 6000 miles away with one dollar in a hobo bag, no airline ticket, and a hope and a prayer to return home to report to her new job on Monday. —Now that is a book synopsis I MUST read. In fact, I think I now want to write the story!
8. Brevity. Think elevator pitch. “Hi, I’m Agnes Askew (see above); the woman (reporting to work) who wrote the book from Heaven, to Hell, and Back Home in Three Days.”

7. Humor, Chic-lit, and Memoirs. Almost anything purported to fit in one of these categories is likely to catch my attention. I love to laugh, and love to laugh about whimsical silly light-hearted content, or read about people brave enough to reflect on *their* personal experiences.

6. Personalizing requests. Okay, let’s all admit it. Who amongst us doesn’t, occasionally, buckle to flattery. Yes, I do perk up, and melt, when I read you’ve actually been following and reading my blog.

5. And spelling my name correctly is even more flattering. Come on… it’s only four little letters. It makes me sad when I open an email and see it was written to Ryck or some other random letters in the alphabet.

4. And for sure spelling correctly in general. I do a little research before replying to requests, and give up quickly if the research leads to more than one dead link. Again! Come on now! This could be one of my missed opportunities!

3. Asking for a reply. Honest to goodness, someone did this, and did it so convincingly I replied.

2. Showing you care. For as much as I enjoy humor and silliness, I do pay attention to authors who show passion for their work by making me care. It only takes a few keystrokes to say hello and close out with sincerely.

1. Above all, and just in case none of what’s listed above works with what you already have going, a Catchy Title is likely to not only get me to sit up and take note, but many others as well. See She Likes it Rough by GVR Corcillo. ‘Enuf Said!’


  1. Excellent insight. I'll most surely apply these concepts.

  2. Seriously, everyone in the blogosphere is on the same page lately! Definitely something in the air. I get review requests all the time but I generally don't accept them because for one, I simply don't have time, especially since I'm pursuing my own writing career and don't want to get sidetracked. I also don't need a disgruntled writer stalking me online and leaving me nasty comments if the review is less than stellar. Ain't nobody got time for that! LOL!

    1. Yes, stay focused Quanie! It Ain't Easy Being Jazzy Stalkers are lining up for that sequel!!!


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