Negative Beast, Positive Feast... in a Top 10 List

So demands the laws of natural science, balance is essential, to include the morasses of negative and positive energy. Of course this is nothing new, alas the same old story, which got me to thinking…

...This is a good spot to blog how I handle balancing the work in a book biosphere, and still keep my sanity! And I know. Some might argue about that last point, only then to be compelled to read on…

My Book Biosphere Balancing Activity Illustrated…

My Explanations Personified… (in Top 10 Fashion, from most enjoyable to less of today's date. Stay tuned... things always can change.)

- Dreaming as you can see, I don’t do nearly as much as the actual physical work to bringing some of these visions to reality. Yet, I do love a mental escape.

- Reading comes next in the hierarchy of enjoyment. It is the next best closet activity to a true mental escape, which accordingly, reading gratefully takes up a healthy chunk of my time.

- Blogging falls next in line. This is another escape that isn’t looking too shabby according to my calculations.

- Reviewing gives me a great sense of satisfaction too. It’s a good source of inspiration, and not without mention, good karma too. Now, I just need to find me some more books moving at my reading speed to read and review. (Visit my review page to see what I've recently been reading, and reviewing).

- Online Networking is another relaxing relief, even if I’m unable to hop on the many social networks and pitch in with my booky conservations; talk I just know everyone is waiting on pins and needles to enjoy.

- Writing I have to say is where my challenge resides. The ideas come, zipping off the top of my head to mow across my keyboard, one story after the next just flying off the computer, sort of noted in the chart, YET, on the other side of this chart the laws of natural science is whipping my bA-hind!

- Answering Email and Calls I wasn’t exactly sure where to stick in the list, so I’m sticking it here since it depends on who’s calling, and why.

- Offline Networking, now this is another kind of challenge. I enjoy getting out and jumping into 3rd person, but have the devil of a time trying to keep up with the elevator talk. I'm almost tempted to strap on a voice recorder and hit play when I'm out.

- Learning New Technologies I make no apologies for admitting to being the beast I enjoy just about the least. Yes, learning… discovering… unearthing new tools and ways of doing things ranks high in first place of my interests, BUT ranks just about last when discovery is made up of distractions that gnaws on time, gobbles up focus, and demands payment.

- Doing Other Stuff; You know... the other fun, personal, and business activities would bring about a whole lot more joy if only I wasn’t so consumed with everything listed on top of this one.