Keeping It Lean... and Real

Before I get going with this post, I first must acknowledge that I will get back to my reading and book reviewing within the next couple of weeks. If it means anything to anyone, I am so looking forward to it.

In other “bookish” news I’ve got to plug these few tidbits too.

The other night I got so stoked seeing Drew Magary on one of my favorite TV shows: CHOPPED! And he won!! Drew is an author, in case this isn’t known. He’s the author of Someone Could Get Hurt, a book I not only enjoyed, but lent my two cents on as well.

I didn’t get to see Shark Tank, but did overhear (from the next room sort of eavesdropping in) that there was an author in the tank? She was trying to get a deal for her book or books, or pub company? Not sure how that went, but hearing this, plus with the whole Drew thing, were both firsts for me. Authors on regular TV shows I love.

In poetry news, which happens to be the post I originally thought about going with, I wanted to share another first moment of mines. This special moment occurred a while back, like several years back, when for the very first time I heard one of poems performed professionally.

It was quixotic; me watching what I thought was a short movie… listening to a couple sort of vibing, to suddenly recognize a few stanzas in the canto that sounded a lot like something I had written.

At first I thought WoW! The similarities were incredibly close. And then that WoW turned into, ‘wait a minute’, that is my poem!

Not to lead anyone on, but I had given my consent to use the material. It had been so long ago that I forgot I had given it. But the performance was so beautiful I honestly (at first) was willing to believe the words weren’t mine.

Short story inside the short story: I was asked to provide a love poem, which I didn’t have and may share that story for another windy day. What I did have, I excavated from my 'wah wah wah' collection and sent... and this quixotic performance was the result. Unfortunately I am unable to share the performed piece, but can assure all again, it was a mesmeric experience.

Which speaking of poetry, visit Lidy Wilks’ month long poetry blog hop. Poet lovers can start with my interview linked here.

And for triple the pleasure, readers may appreciate the articles linked below.

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This post not being what I intended to blog, is one of the beauties of blogging; how I prefer my writing experiences to flow...Brief. Off the cuff. Informative. And an easy breeze to write and read... the post I thought I had all ready to go! 


  1. Great links! And I enjoyed your interview over on Lidy's blog.


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