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One Sentence Challenge – Breaking ‘Unique’ Out…in a Top 10 List

The list I need to challenge myself to write, is why I so often write real thorny like. That’s the revelation that really needs to be put out there, if it hasn’t already been figured out.

At any rate, my thorny writing does speak volumes to why I didn’t elaborate, (some many posts back), on ‘what makes my books unique’. I left my answer paraphrased at the quick, the easy, the lazy answer.

So, in a one-sentence challenge no less, I’m spelling out 10 unique qualities of my books, hoping that other author-bloggers will be inspired to do the same.

1. I wrote the FIRST …non-crime…multicultural and gender…reality-based *contemporary* romance FAMILY SAGA in a 5-part series. (©2005-2012)

2. I write stories based on EXPERIENCE and my imagination, not replicas mimicking RESEARCHED stories and material.

3. Big Bully, Copy Cats, Pretty Inside Out, Lock Box, and Double Dare specifically, were written with the deliberate intention to either write the main characters in genders and ethnicities other than my own, or to exclude overt identifying markers that ascertain the character's ethnicity…or skin color.

4. My dyslexia pared against the ‘deep’ topics and views I explore work like a thumb print identifying my books.

5. Writing (widely and wildly) across genres using one pen name is not common at all.

6. The many hats I wear… successfully writing, illustrating and publishing a few of my own books in yearly increments, along with reading and reviewing books written by other authors, and blogging to boot, has created an extremely unique brand.

7. Supporting other authors by purchasing their books to add to my collection, along with reading, reviewing and touting those books that feed my soul …PROMOTION FREE OF CHARGE... is another fairly singular effort.

8. And (perhaps) so tiring old, but so true, I have YET to read an ebook.

9. Building ‘the DREAM’ literary experience is still untapped, save for me tapping it out now.

10. I'm not aware of a better description of the ultimate ‘unique’ book lover, than the one offered above.


  1. Thorny writing is what makes the write all the more intriguing and worth the read. Yes?

    1. I like the ring of this better... the first time I've heard things put this way. Thank you Brenda!


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