What is Too Much Information?

Living in an age where privacy can only be found if you move beneath a rock, then makes this question very easy to answer.

Just look up the word annoying.

It’s true. If it annoys, it’s too much information for the annoyed.

With that question answered and out of the way, I’m currently reading Grace Jones’ memoir ‘I Will Never Write My Memoirs.’ Hope that wasn’t too much information, which by the way…while I’m on the TMI subject; TMI really is subjective. Be it a book, blog post, an article, or even all those how-to, do-righteous, guess where I am, what I ate, how I feel, or guess what happened to such-and-such feel-good/feel-miserable tweets and FB posts, I can either ignore it, or Will over time and energy it takes to invest in reading it. Thank goodness there is a choice.

As for Grace’s memoir however, I get the feeling she is holding true to the title of her memoir, even though I haven’t quite reached page fifty, of approximately 350 more pages left to read. I did love her spiel on changing her mind however. Reminded me a lot of what I came to respect about Malcolm X’s story. All of us change our minds…for if we aren’t in this constant state of ambiguity, we aren’t maturing. Or better, we aren’t learning.

But two other things came to me as I was reading Grace's memoir. 1. If I were to write my memoir, something I still remain steadfast stuck on NOT DOING, I definitely would not tell things such as what I used to keep inside my box spring mattress, and what I wrote behind my bed, or when I first met my god, and where wE were when wE connected and had this heart-to-heart talk.

And 2. I got to thinking about mining for scarce jewels. Not that Grace’s memoir is a step away from a jewel; like I said, I haven’t yet reached page fifty. There’s no telling where things are likely to go from this point. But I did find myself scrounging up energy not so magnanimously (thanks Don King) lying around, to mine for ‘scarce’ jewels. This would be self-published/independent books (also immersed in wisdom), but hidden behind the marketing muscle of the big giants’ books I was looking to read.

Thanks to websites like IndieReader, Digital Book TodaySHOUTmyBook.com, and one of my all-time favorites, Independent Author Network (IAN) they make finding scarce jewels easier. Captioned in the main image (a few already added to my to-read list) are two handful of titles where the synopsis engaged me in a glimpse. Hopefully one, if not all, will be a read that suits one of my moods.