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A Literary Observation by Whatshername

Before I get going I must correct that Snarky literary snafu posted a few posts back. There’s no way skirting it. When you’re wrong, you’re wrong; not the first time I’ve made such a human atonement on my blog. I mean, gee whiz…… what was I thinking!?! Of course ‘doers can change the world without thinking.’

This follows the first literary observation, also previously posted here and there on my blog that is fairly major, but not as major as the eye-dropper that has kept my eyes pried wide open.

Nice, Quiet, Sexy, Smart, Talented, Weird: What’s Your PI?

In the last post I promised to share some of the exciting goodness happening around me. Welp, in keeping things recent, and relevant, I must give it to 2015!

Only midway into the year and it has treated me phenomenally well. I’ve personally been pitched more stellar book synopsis, and ‘promising’ books as well, than in any previous year. I can’t thank enough the ‘too many authors to list here’ for introducing me to their books. And on top of all this gravy, I also can’t thank enough the many authors I’ve personally met... Al Hunter Jr. and Rayna Gray, whose books I’ve read, loved, and reviewed; and CP Patrick, Elaine Jones and Kamy Wicoff whose books I look forward to reading soon.

Short Snarky Stories

This can’t be right, to have so much goodness going on in ones life, and then post something like this. Hopefully, healthy wealthy readers will cut me a little slack as I share a little Friday, get ready for the weekend, humor.

Quotes. I love them, many of them, even those I like to poke fun at... such as these two, which I’ve drawn over in short snarky storytelling fashion.

“Thinkers are great, but doers change the world.”

Short Story.

Good Writing

There’s NO doubt about it, good writing will make you think. After reading New York Times bestseller The Lobster Chronicles by Linda Greenlaw, my thoughts here, I got to thinking about how good writing also stirs a little good envy wanting to write like this. I cuddled up all week with this perfect mood setter, pawing over a topic so far left of anything I'm even remotely passionate about that it conjured up another thought.

Fishing, or rather lobstering is the latest new topic I've read in the memoir genre... now added onto activism, adoption, aviation, bullying, child abuse, dating & relationships, education, motherhood, fatherhood, culture (international and national), family, health, mental illness, medicine, film & movie making, journalism, politics, leadership, lesbianism, business/finance, weight loss, terrorism, extreme sports, regular sports, travel, anti-Semitism & racism, religion, war & military, entertainers: comedians, musicians, and singers, alo…

Guest Blogger Andrew Joyce Introduces Molly Lee on OEBooks

My name is Andrew Joyce, and I write books for a living. Rhonda has been kind enough to allow me a little space on her blog to promote my new book, MOLLY LEE. The story is a female-driven account of a young naive girl’s journey into an independent, strong woman and all the trouble she gets into along the way.

Blogging: The Emotional Ride

For a minute I had to recheck whether to use ‘roller-coaster’ instead of emotional. I elected the latter since despite the highs and lo’s of blogging, the overall activity treats a dedicated blogger well.

January 2009, OEBooks' birthdate, I came across a blog post that has stayed with me over the years. I was transfixed by this blogger listing what new bloggers could expect. First he promised excitement, followed by a few months of more excitement chasing down friends, getting ‘liked’, joining discussions and otherwise playing the social media game.

How to Realize Fortune in Failure

When one of my uncle’s said that there is nothing that hasn’t been seen, said, or done before I am almost positive he, like too many, have NEVER considered the perspective I’m about to lay down gently in this here post.

There is one way to attain fortune, and not have to be concerned about failure ever again.