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Speaking for Yourself

There’s often the inclination to feel more helpful, even noble, speaking and writing in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and clear up to marginalizing whole groups of people by stats, assumptions, ideologies and you name all the rest.

This is called writing/speaking with authority. Writing and Speaking on content that doesn’t focus on self. “See, I don’t focus on me, or talk about myself. I just talk about everyone else,” albeit, whether the data spread is halfway correct, marginally substantiated, or wrong as a dead end. You know... serious stuff.

There is no need to even argue the subject. All ‘we’ have to do is look around and see whole groups of people anchored in tight little boxes solely based on skin color, or the fact that they work inside the home, watch CNN, listen to Rap music, read books, play video games, are or aren’t married, have a PhD degree…or No degree. This list is nowhere near comprehensive. It’s exhausting!

Unlike pure non-fiction that regurgitates a stew of perspectives siphoned from ‘selected’ sources, well-written memoirs exude a singular perspective, irrespective of how narrow or broad the story, that fosters the capacity to not only debunk myths and stereotypes, but also engages, enlightens, educates, encourages and empowers readers.

True Story. I still remember the time a First Lady of a church attempted to show me what Hell felt like. She walked over to my stove, turned on the burner and told me to put my hand over the fire!

I looked at the woman, and the first thing I wanted ask was, ‘if she had been there!?!’ I was aware the place was hot and all, but that demonstration made me very concerned about her.

That’s an example of a singular perspective. The rest of the story cannot be found anywhere if I don't finish what followed. This is the job of memoirists... which side note: This particular story actually wrapped up wonderfully; mind altering if I were to pat my own back, though thanks to a bevy of spiritual stewards I’ve encountered.

All to re-emphasize, this is what makes memoirs invigorating to read. Now, it’s said there are no shortcuts in life, which this is an applicable time to apply the concept. While it may take a long time to read everyone’s side of a story, the more memoirs read… the better informed we ‘all’ will be.

…And cheers to two memoirs I’ve just finished reading. My thoughts here and here.


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