Housebreaking Literary Snobs

This post was inspired (a few weeks ago) after watching (what else), but one of my favorite cooking shows. I’m still on the floor about the episode on Guy’s Grocery Games where a contestant was asked what she did for a living. The contestant answered: “I’m an autodidact.”

“What’s that,” Guy asked.

Now, just so happened I wasn’t looking at the TV, but CLEARLY saw Guy’s expression by the way he responded… as in, “what’s that?” His incredulous look was not missed, especially after looking up at the TV as the contestant explained what an autodidact is, or does. I hollered laughing! Guy’s expression ceased to change… throughout the exchange. Oh.My.Goodness—now that was real humor!

On a respectful note, I’m an autodidact too, despite my raw ignorance of the term as well. I had no idea this was the word designed for those who’ve largely self-ascertained PhD’s in wisdom. None-the-less, all of this would have been a moot point had not shortly thereafter another instance spun my head around, back the other way.

A post on Book Riot asked readers ‘what book(s) were/are they most embarrassed to admit having read.’

To be clear, reading is not the only way to educate oneself. Autodidacts obtain knowledge from several sources, as evidenced in the *personalized* diagramed caption. Even so, reading remains a premiere best-seller. Literate people are neither embarrassed by what they read, nor do they snub readers reading in other genres. In other words, real readers are housebroken.

It's Not What You Read, It's That You Read