“Moving Forward…Driving A Point Home”

A ton of things inspired this post. First, and no shame admitting this, I struggled to write this post. It’s hard to stay positive, and current, and at the same time briefly echo how it Would Benefit the Literary Industry COPIOUSLY if more people found a love for reading. I win no popularity challenges explaining how peeved I get coming across a hodgepodge of book recommendations promising to set reading back four hundred years.

…And then it happened. One of my favorite reading advocates’ (Book Riot) posted: “Bookish Ways to Fight the Good Fight.” That post made my week. It really made writing this post a lot easier, since ‘all I had to do’ was remind reading advocates on the importance of advocating ONLY those books we’ve fully read and completely enjoyed.

Busy people who have school, jobs, kids, two-second attention spans and other people’s business among other similar affairs to attend to, don’t have time to pick up books that were halfway, marginally or not at all read, only to find out they don’t want to read the book either.

We Simply MUST READ these books BEFORE Advocating them.

All that exposed, and dun…dun…dun…dun. It’s coming up on that time of the year when I will select a Top 10 list of favorite books read this year. I put a lot of effort into pulling together this list because… because… well because of all the reasons listed above. Converting non-readers and or leisure readers into avid readers is not easy.

None-the-less, because I read fewer books this year, only 19, it shouldn’t be as tough to create this list as in past years. Well, that’s provided I don’t fool around and read a few more books before the end of the year. I could mess around and find another gem in the haystack!

…In advance, to the authors I’ve read, THANK YOU. Almost all of the books physically made me feel better, which made the price of the book well worth the cost. And for those ranking at the top of my favorites’ list, you can trust I read every single page. Your stories will stay with me forever; a reading experience I take pleasure in sharing with others.