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The Difference Between Advocating Reading and Supporting Books

Like most things, some things mesh down to word choice, interpretation and how much of a… let’s say… stickler any one individual chooses to be in any given situation.

For this post, I’m going to be a stickler by drawing out the difference between ADVOCATING READING versus Supporting Books.

Supporting books is the ACT of building a platform, be it physical…as in nailing together a bookshelf and filling it full of books, or virtual…as in creating a host-site to display book cover images; all to serve as a foundation for 'supporting' books.

Realistic Love & Romance in Books

For those who have been there, done that and all the rest we might want to take a pass on, will agree the best parts of realistic love and romance is the first stage of love; falling in love... along with the 15-20-30 years later when we realize we are with our best friend. Somewhere in the middle of all this, also is the time when the chips are really down and that element of surprise happens.

The element of surprise is just that…an element that can’t be prepared for, or plucked out of self-help books and tucked in purses or back pockets for later use. This element won’t be found looking around corners or in dark crevices, and no one, neither best friend nor beloved family can pre-warn or advise on what to look for or how to handle. That’s because a surprise is just that… a surprise.

This is exactly what makes some realistic love stories and romance novels so darn good.

Celebrating 400+ Years of Black Life in America

Celebrating Black History Month is the time when I get nostalgic thinking of all aspects of black life in America, unsung and sung, that mean the most to me.

Family, of course, comes first. I may be one of the few, if not the only family member in my entire ‘humongous’ family who ten years before Roots aired, gobbled down every story my grandparents and father told. Paying homage to family, in 2005 I took those stories and wrote the most told version of our lineage (on my father’s side) in my first memoir ‘God Be the Glory.’