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Sharing Much Love for the Philadelphia Art Sanctuary.

Saturday, May 21 the Philadelphia Art Sanctuary hosted a fabulous literary and arts conference. I was just overdone by the numerous workshops and activities happening under one roof. Some 50+ authors partook in the activities, and I was invited to be among them. WoW!

I mean, imagine for a sec; being in one building, in a city often dubbed the ‘Mecca of Talent’ with all this creative energy. Quite honestly, I was overwhelmed, BUT, I hung in there and did my thing!

A frequent question I am asked, is if my publishing books written by other authors, along with my own writing and publishing, on top of reading and reviewing books published by other authors under various publisher imprints, creates a conflict of interest?

Thinking About Quitting?

I’m writing this post to inspire anyone who occasionally gets that ‘giving up’ bug. I’ve caught that bug enough times that I can provide three perspectives on the subject that will alter anyone’s outlook who has ever considered, or is considering throwing in a towel.

After thinking back on the times I’ve backed out of endeavors… be it a book I was writing, or a relationship, a job or career or any undertaking where I started out gung-ho, to end up letting go, I noticed an uncanny trend. Everything I let go of, I realized what was missing. The fire. The passion was missing.

Yeah, at first, just like the puppy love stage of falling in love… the stars and many moons were all lined up... until daylight crept in and the stars and many moons disappeared.