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10 Ways to Tell You Read Too Much

One way to instantly tell you read way too much is when EVERY-SINGLE-THING you hear or see reminds you of something you’ve read in a book; and if you’re a writer, then add your books to this mix too.

Another way to tell you read a lot too much is when your spouse spots a booksigning at the entranceway of a grocery store, and you hear him (or her) SIGH DEEPLY!

To that end, you read too much when you cannot pass a book display without stopping to browse, and investing your last dime on a book that costs far more than a dime.

If you feel like you’ve won *the* lottery when someone recommends a book that makes your eyes do the OMG look…you know you read way too much.

When Life Gets a Little Crazy…

There is no better antidote than finding a really good book to read when life gets zany. That said, and so very fortunate for me, when the ‘zip limo’ came around and took me for a spin, the reason I had to take a mandatory blogging break, I didn’t have to rely on reaching for one of these trusty sources of relief. I’ve done so much reading and writing that I squeaked on by upright. I did miss blogging however, which happens to be the inspiration behind this post... and OEBooks’ new facelift.