Humble Yourself.

So, she who vowed never to write her memoir, just finished writing a memoir.

I AM, YES, Ecstatic. I’m ecstatic for a few reasons. For one, I completed yet another book. Any writer worth their soul knows the feeling of completing a full-length manuscript. And of course I’m relieved that I can now get back to my blogging and reading. But I’m also ecstatic because the very reason I never wanted to write a memoir, happened to be the very reason I’m so darn stoked.

- I am stoked that the story of my writing journey came together so naturally, so easily.
- I am stoked about how much of a treat it was to reread the work, going back to fix this and that.
- I am stoked about how much of a treat it was to reread the work, over and over, period!
- But I am most stoked by the fact that my blood pressure didn’t shoot up to the stroke measuring digits and put my behind in the hospital like it has done on one occasion, and almost did on other occasions.

At least one secret out of the bag, this was the reason I decided not to attempt writing another memoir, and still know better than to attempt trying to write one of those tell-all mems, which this one is not.

Writing ‘Hand Me Downs’ will now join other writing projects where the writing experience was ‘almost’ as pleasurable; The entire Rhapsody Series; Leiatra’s Rhapsody, Something Xtra Wild, This One I Got Right, Rye & the Rump and My Love, along with Lock Box, GEM and AtlΓ³ta. I get nostalgic every time I think about writing those books, and now I have ‘Hand Me Downs’ to add to the nostalgia.

All that expressed, I’m looking forward to getting back to blogging and reading, since motivating this Must Read spirit in others trumps all else. I just finished reading Taraji Henson’s memoir ‘Around the Way Girl’ (thoughts here), which between reading that memoir and having completed writing my own memoir (on such a high note to top all things), leaves me a little stuck trying to decide which book to read next…hence the caption. For sure, these recent events promise to be some hard acts to follow.

Happy Tuesday, A Good Day for Reading... especially for those living in the Northeast, and NorthπŸ˜‰


  1. Congratulations on your memoir completion. That's a project I'm not sure I'll ever tackle!

    1. Thanks, Cindy. Don't be too sure, though...πŸ˜‰...I didn't think I would either, not until realizing how big our lives are; how looking at one accomplishment can make a nice memoir!

  2. Congratulations! That is a helluva feat. Relax, have a beverage, and breathe a bit before the next project starts invading your psyche. :)

    1. Thanks, Karen! I will contact you... but first I'm taking your advice. Need a minute... or a week or so more to processπŸ˜‰


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