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Readers? Authors! Have You Ever…

This post was inspired by a high-school friend posting a ‘sort of’ bucket list of numerous exploits many may, or may not have experienced. Most escapades on the list she checked, goading me to reinvent a similar checklist, albeit in a literary vein.

Below is a list of literary tangibles, most I can check. I’m throwing this out there however, to see how many passing by might relate in a way of being able to say you’ve been there, seen it and done it too.

AUTHORS! Have You Ever…

Remembering A Legacy, Honoring A Dream

One quote by Dr. King that continues to captivate me is that 'learning to judge others, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.’

Each year, for the past three years I’ve been citing that quote, I've been deliberately eyeing it in earnest contest to draw out the ‘true scientific’ depth of its subtext. And each year, despite the raw simplicity to define, I have not met that challenge… to my satisfaction. All of us can take instruction from the quote, yet a higher source now begs me…implores me in fact, to slip the biological puppy I have my eye on, in a book I’ve been toying around with for some umpteen years. In other words, that one quote inspires my writing, and is the driver behind the books I love and talk up.

Happy New Year!