If It Ain’t Broken, Don’t Fix It

Since I’ve never been one to reflect over spilt milk, I’ve also never been one caught up with making (and keeping) New Year’s resolutions. My motto is, ‘If it Ain’t Broken, then leave it alone.’

And so, with 999 ways to get a point across, I’m continuing in the pursuit of curating, reading and recommending books I genuinely vouch ARE THE RIGHT BOOKS. I believe leisure reading of the right book, meaning right for the individual reader, not only motivates a love for reading, but translates over into our daily lives as well.

Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes by reading his or her experience is a great way to gain a richer account of narratives we may have learned via 3rd parties, or assumptions internalized through our own core beliefs. There simply is no greater time than now to embrace stimulants that fosters an understanding of heritages, cultures, interests, careers, perspectives and walks of life other than the one, or ones we are more familiar.

My reading and writing goals for 2018 are already set. In addition to publishing a few books I’ve been procrastinating about publishing for the past two or three resolutions ago, I also plan to read 50 books this year.

Letters from Burmaby Aung San Suu Kyi grabbed my attention because not only might this memoir meet my challenge to read an international book, I’m as well curious to read a book written by a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

I’m as well curious about the celebrity (singer) memoir A Sick Life by Tionne Watkins.

Higher Is Waitingby (playwright and film producer) Tyler Perry is another must.

And if I don’t read I Can't Make This Upby (comedian) Kevin Hart...and LOVE the book... chats with my son might get shorter and shorter, trimmed down to these few curt words... “Have you read his GD book yet!?!”

Stand by Your Truth by (comedian radio personality) Rickey Smiley is another memoir on my radar, and as well other memoirs I learned of through book review requests, author signings, and scores of venues tapping my shoulder, making my head spin left and right.

One wish I have for 2018 however; if anyone knows of a self-published memoir, one you’ve personally read and enjoyed, PLEASE RECOMMEND IT.

Happy New Year!