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Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t

Before I get gowin... let me get this disclaimer out there. This post roots for the ‘so-called’ Overthinkers in the World. Therefore, I ask other readers not to overthink this one.

One word. Surveys. I like to believe surveys are conducted to help the surveyor improve its service or product. This is even pointed out in most instructions as the reason for conducting surveys.

Now, when I complete a survey, I like to be as accurate as possible, otherwise, what is the point? Why even bother? Why waste OUR time?

...Thus, here’s where ‘overthinking’ can occur. The damned if you do, damned if you don’t syndrome. Back in the day, I was a shrugger. I shrugged off lots of stuff, walking around with the worst case of ‘so what... I don’t care... doing my thing, my way, marching to the beat of my own drum’ ...umm, something like today, only tweaked for perfection, perhaps.

I got scolded a lot. You shouldn’t waste your life. You should do this and do that, stuff that...ahem... speaking of not wast…

How Inspiration ‘Sometimes’ Works

My head is not up in the clouds or buried in sand, unrelenting in the pursuit of ignoring highly regarded and obvious literature all around me. Not with the way I scour to read moving stories. Only the foolish could carry such a reading torch and be so recalcitrant.

It, therefore, must’ve been one of my...umm... dozens of robust grainy moods that explains how one itty-bitty poetry book eluded me. At least twice I missed this one; so obviously the first time when I bought the book, and the other time, right before it ended up on my DNF shelf.

At any rate, Spotted It...Read it and Enjoyed it. In rhythm and rhyme with National Poetry Month this post is inspired by Nikki Giovanni’s ‘Blues For All The Changes’.

True Story.

Doting on the occasion is memory of the time I found a poem I'd been searching for, for years. Going back to elementary school, thus I’m talking a dinosaur of years ago, I read a lovely poem I lost track of. I committed (most of it) to memory, for I so adored this p…