Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t

Before I get gowin... let me get this disclaimer out there. This post roots for the ‘so-called’ Overthinkers in the World. Therefore, I ask other readers not to overthink this one.

One word. Surveys. I like to believe surveys are conducted to help the surveyor improve its service or product. This is even pointed out in most instructions as the reason for conducting surveys.

Now, when I complete a survey, I like to be as accurate as possible, otherwise, what is the point? Why even bother? Why waste OUR time?

...Thus, here’s where ‘overthinking’ can occur. The damned if you do, damned if you don’t syndrome. Back in the day, I was a shrugger. I shrugged off lots of stuff, walking around with the worst case of ‘so what... I don’t care... doing my thing, my way, marching to the beat of my own drum’ ...umm, something like today, only tweaked for perfection, perhaps.

I got scolded a lot. You shouldn’t waste your life. You should do this and do that, stuff that...ahem... speaking of not wasting life, squozed the ever-living fun out of life! Frankly, and getting on with this, doing all the this’s and that’s looked to be a lot more work than worth the effort, or end result.

Fast forward to these surveys; one I did take time to complete accurately because, well because I really liked the product. (Btw, I only bother to complete surveys I really, really care about; i.e., see all the book reviews I write). But after completing the survey, which included a really nice courtesy coupon that I’d rather believe was offered as a way to thank me for my time... and being a loyal customer, I nonetheless got to thinking. Why didn’t I just check all the highlights, submit the survey, use the coupon and move on to........ugh......... do what exactly?

To avoid luring anyone (who isn’t already there) into my kind of thinking, the whole point in doing anything should solely be, because WE CARE. Think About it, but don’t overthink it.

And to ALL well-wishers of Overthinkers; Overthinking is as innate to some, as a beating heart is to us all.

FYI. Usually my best work is done quickly and effortlessly, without much thought. Wink. Wink. Writers Write On!

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