10 Ways Writing Books is JUST Like Motherhood

First, we hop in bed one night and the next thing we know, we wake up the next morning with a story stuck (in our case) in our head.

We carry around this story for months and months....waiting, hoping, praying to give birth to a healthy story.

So, we worry and fret, about this, that and the other. How should I tell this story? Or, should I tell it!?

One thing for sure, one way or another, this story must come out.

Realizing this we reach out for advice; be it directly, or indirectly. Informal tips and tricks suffice as well as the heady been there, and are there professional support.

Eventually THE DAY finally arrives, when the story comes out...

...for some of us prematurely, for others right on time. And then there are those of us whose story is LoooooonnnG Overdue!

But we’re happy, and SHUCKS all-be-doggonit, relieved to finally breathe.

Mistakes, blemishes, oops and bloops (if any) aside, we are all too grateful, elated and proud for the esoteric magnificence our Story enfolds.

And yet, here’s the really cool part. To the world, our story may be but one of the many, but to one of the many Our Story Means the World.


💐🌸Happy Mother’s Day!💞